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Recomp with a difference


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Hi Everyone,

After sitting in the background and reading everyone else's posts for some time, decided to take the plunge and post something ...

I'm an old hack having done amateur bodybuilding on and off for some 30 years now, having tried and tested most compounds at some or other point. My peak competition mass was in 1990, where I weighed in at 128Kgs @ 6%BF, and no, we didn't even know the term PCT back in the day, we simply tapered up and back down again.

My story however begins with the breaking of an arm, and my right scapula, along with dislocation of both shoulders, whilst enjoying? my primary passion, (other than sex that is), MotoX, which to cut a long story short, amounted to almost a year of recuperation.
It was during this "recuperation period" where my weight dropped from some 98kg's to 95Kg's, and body fat went up and over the top to around the same as a pork chop of some 15 percent! ...

It would have kept climbing had it not been for an astute doctor, who decided to do full bloodwork on me ...
It seems I had pretty much turned into a woman, along with zero sex drive, no energy and the beginnings of a "beer belly"! ... and no I don't do alcohol, (other than swabs for my shots that is).
Apparently as we get older, not just our testosterone decreases ... our oestrogen and SBHG increases too, which isn't a train smash, unless you're doing the couch potato routine as I was ... and if left unchecked, makes for female pattern fat, which in turn creates even more oestrogen, which creates more fat, which creates more oestrogen ... and weeeell ... we end up in touch with our female selves, (or should I say female flab).

I add to this a warning for all wrt opiates and brufen as pain killers go too ... they worsen the issue by messing with your HPTA!

At any rate ... my doctor put me onto TRT, (Depo Test and Tamoxifen), and after a couple of bumpy months, we found my sweet spot, (50mg Test Cyp every third day, and 5mg of Tamoxifen a day) ... and I literally got my life back!

Having regained my zest for life, (and some in the sex department), I started training again ... a three way split, push, pull, and legs and shoulders, run twice a day, (mornings and evenings), 6 days a week, and ... some 8 months later, managed to drop my body fat down to 8%, and weigh in at 86Kgs. My doc then pulled me off Test for a week, although I remained on Tamoxifen at 5mg a day. The following week he put me onto HCG for two weeks, (at 200iu's per shot every third day), and he bumped up my Tamoxifen to 10mg per day during this period.
He then withdrew the HCG and bumped up my Tamoxifen to 20mg for two weeks, then dropped it to 10mg for two weeks, and finally dropped it to 5mg for a week before discontinuing all medication.
A month later, feeling still feeling FANTASTIC, I once again had bloodwork done, and had slightly higher levels of free Test than when I was on TRT? ... I guess you could class that as a successful PCT of sorts?

That was a little over two years ago, and I have maintained my training, (and hormone levels), without any hormone supplementation.
Be that as it may, I decided to put on some more mass, (remembering that I am way down on my peak mass of 20 something years ago)

So I began my research, to which I came up with Trenbolone.
Interesting enough, it's also one of the few compounds I hadn't yet tried.

Having made the decision to do a tren course, I first put myself back onto a TRT dose, (50mg every third day), of Test Cyp., front loaded it with 100mg on Day one, 50mg on day two, nothing on day three and 50mg on day four, nothing day five and six, and 50 again on day seven. Just before my day seven shot, I once again had bloodwork done, and with my Test levels stable, I plugged in the Trenbolone Acetate.
My research had revealed that less was more, and that one ideally should have twice as much Tren as you should Test, with Test at minimal, (TRT), levels. So in went 26.25mg of Tren., (0.35ml of 75mg/ml), which I planned to continue daily for 8 weeks.
If you're wondering why 26.25mg of Tren ... its based on calculation. Remembering that my TRT "sweet spot" is 50mg E3D, and taking into account the following;
Chemical = Formula = Molecular Weight = Mg of Testosterone
Testosterone (no ester) = C19 H28 O2 = 288.4mg = 100mg
propionate = C3 H4 O = 56.1mg = 83.72mg
cypionate = C8 H4 O = 124.2mg = 69.90mg
It means that my "sweet spot" of Test per day, (minus the ester), is actually 16.7mg * 0.699, which equals 11.67mg of test, so multiplying this by two, we get 23.35mg of tren, which at 75mg/ml equals 0.31ml, (which I rounded upwards to 0.35ml to take into account the ace ester).

At any rate ... My plan was to run a total of 11 weeks, of which the first week was needed to stabilise "externally provided test" levels. Weeks two through week nine include trenbolone ace, with weeks 10 and 11 back to test only, (albeit tapering Test prop in), and then quitting after week 11 ...

I introduced an additional 40mg a day of Masteron on week2 of Tren, (of which I have run Test / Mast cycles in the past, and tolerate it well). The dose of 40mg ED is based on the old school 123 "recipe" of one part test, two parts tren, and three parts mast"

I'd planned to follow the same "PCT" that my doc used on me before, (mentioned above).

So here's the log ...
Stats 52 year old male 5'11", weighing in at 86kg's with 8%BF.
My diet based is on my target mass of 98kg's (216lbs) as;
98 * 3.3 = 323.4g of protein
with 21g of healthy fats like Salmon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus walnuts and almonds.
EFA Essential Fatty Acid (ALA, EPA, DHA and DPA).
That's a little over 50g of protein per meal, six times a day!

Day 1 through 4 ... No noticeable changes in temperament or strength, then again, I'm simply replacing "my boy's" natural production with Pfizers offering of Depo Testosterone at this stage, so no surprises there. Day one was 100mg of Test Cyp, Day two 50mg of Test Cyp, Day 3 nothing, and Day 4 50mg of Test Cyp.

Day 5, I added 0.125mg of pexola, (taken every night up to week 11, although it will be tapered up to 0.5mg over the next two weeks), and 1/2 tab of Armidex as a "once off" to lower / reset my oestrogen, (it'll will however be kept on hand, in the unlikely event that gyno rears it's ugly head).

Day 6, they're not kidding about Pexola, I'm a zombie today, jus wanna sleep ... I did however manage to get up and about, and train.

Day 7, first tren shot after an early morning chest / tri workout, along with 50mg of Test Cyp ... I'm still kinda sleepy from the Pexola, however the tren has me feeling surreal, kinda like I'm looking in on my own life, (or maybe it's the Pexola?) ... This was some two hours after the tren. I also have a mild head buzz and mild headache, (BP is obviously up), else it's all good ... I have some Xanor on hand should my mood go for a ball of sh*, (hopefully I won't need any?). The headache remained for the day, and the huuuuuuuunger, O my word! ... along with a wierd metallic? taste in my mouth.

Day 8, (or day 2 on tren) ... Today's shot burnt like test prop going in! (Wierd though, cos' yesterdays shot was painless going in).
I still feel tired, (although my gym performance seems to be unaffected), and I still have the mild headache, along with that wierd metalic taste in my mouth ... and I still have the hunger!!!!! ... I am thinking that it's too soon for the tren, and that it's possibly the ancilliaries I'm taking, (in this case Vit B12 + Vit BCo at 1.5cc apiece E3D).
It's tender where I injected yesterday, (my right quad), and my strength and endurance seem unaffected status quo.

Day 9 (or day 3 on tren) ...
I injected into my right glute, and my left quad is now a little tender with the right quad feeling a lot better, albeit still a little tender, and the headache has gone.
My training this morning was much the same, however I did some gardening late morning through to lunchtime, and got a hectic back, lat and arm pump ;-) and my diet flew out the window as I cleared out the fridge for lunch, that was after a morning post workout shake, a large breakfast and a mid morning 60gram whey shake! My lunch time "pig out" kept me going until 5, when I once again raided the fridge! I've also been drinking copious quantities of water and pissing constantly, (I raised an eyebrow when my doc suggested at least four litres of water a day, however it's far from an effort ... it's a craving of which I'm currently on a lil' over 5 litres per day!)
As a sidebar ... My grandchildren have pet rabbits ... why am I telling you this? ... well if ever you've seen rabbit turd, you'll know what I'm now producing in spite of what's going in as food. It's as though my stomach has been replaced with some sort of food compacting unit!
As to Pexola ... I could stay on it forever, as the initial tiredness side effect seems to have passed, however it seems it reduces mens refractory period to like ... erm ... what's that? ... The duracell bunny has nothing on this guy at the moment ;-)

Day 10 (or day 4 on tren) ...
Left glute today, and it got a single syringe of tren an test!
It's our "day off" today, so we did some motoX ... What a disaster ... My aerobic fitness is waaaaaay down! I'm not sure if it's the stack and or that it was as hot as hell today. That said, I had a hectic leg, lower back and shoulder pump after some two hours of on/off riding. After a post ride long soak in the bathtub, I took a very unusual, (for me), 2 hour afternoon nap. I've also noticed that my skin on my arms feels tighter, however I still have the same 16.5 inch upper arms? :-(

Day 11, (or day 5 on tren) ...
I used my right quad again.
Things seem to be settling down, as temperament wise I feel fine and injection pain too seems to be a thing of the past ... Strength wise ... I've yet to notice any improvement in training, although the "tight fitting skin" feeling in my upper arms seems to have extended to my chest and legs. Once again strength and endurance at gym seem constant.

Day 12 (or day 6 on tren) ...
I used my left quad again, and I'm starting to get a little dispondant as there is no improvement in strength, endurance or recovery as yet ... I am still sore from yesterdays legs and shoulders and today's chest and tri's, (where's this IGF increase already?), and a new development is breathless and dizzy, (low blood pressure?), between sets!

Day 13 (or day 7 on tren) ...
Right glute got 50mg of test and 26.25mg of tren.
My sleep cycles have shortened somewhat in that I go to sleep at midnight, and am awake by 5AM, and take a one to two hour nap at midday. Aerobic fitness has definitelly crashed, with me breathless and dizzy between sets. I'm not suffering from roid rage, however I am definitelly less patient at the mo', so I'm keeping an eye on that!
Bi's today ...

Day 14 (or day 8 on tren) ...
10 October 2012
Added 40mg of Masteron E, and dropped Pexola back to 0.25mg after realising I was feeling depressed, (also took a half a xanor), and ... copped out of training!

Day 15 (or day 9 on tren) ...
11 October 2012, and the pumps have finally calmed to a panic. I can at least walk, (I'm still unable to run), around the block without having to stretch my core out every 50 metres :-O

Day 16. My nads were looking a little sad, so I gave myself 200iu's of HCG and my chest and nips started burning in the evening, so I've added 1/4 Arimidex a day, and that seems to have calmed the burn, (my experience of gyno starts with a tingling / burning sensation, which becomes an itch by day 2). I'll maintain the Arimidex until my morning woodies start to disappear, and the switch to 0.25 EOD.

It's now week 4, (I havent logged anything, as not much is different) ... Training is all good ... I've learnt to live with the back pumps, (donating blood helps big time), and I'm dealing with the cramps in a somewhat unusual way ... I'm taking in a pinch of salt and a banana half an hour before every workout along with a magnesium suppliment.
I'm also donating blood to the sewer at 450ml per month, and this is keeping my RBC count, (and my back pumps), within the acceptable range.

I'm continuing my training as a, (twice a day), three way split, 6 days a week, and am monitoring body weight as apposed to keeping a more accurate diary at this stage ... reasoning being that my physical size seems to be remaining constant, although my weight is on the rise, (a good sign in my opinion, as it means flab is coming off). I'm also slowly but surely getting back my vascularity which supports the flab loss theory. I'm currently bouncing between 93 and 94.5kg's.

Well my doc's checkup went well ... my bloods are good, (other that cholesterol), my weight is apparently 96kgs? ... (Bit of discrepancy between my bathroom scale an my docs one!), and my BP 110/70. My doc has done some research, and has suggested increasing my test as I come off tren and masteron, from the current 50mg to 100mg E3D for a month to 6 weeks, before tapering it back to TRT levels, and then swopping over to test prop for two weeks and straight into PCT, (it'll include 200iu's of HCG twice a week )... more on that when I get there tho'. His thinking is to stabilise my body without tren and masteron and maintain the attained mass for at least a month before shocking it again with PCT.

Nothing more to report as yet, strength is increasing very sloooowly, but no more in my opinion than it would be without juice, my weight is going up, vascularity becoming hectic, and ... I still have lil' 17" arms, (a mere half an inch up on before I started this stack :-()

Week 6 and I have a hernia! ... So I'm officially off training and juice, with PCT to follow in 2 weeks :(


Well here we are 6 weeks after two hectic mesh repairs and just easing back into training ...

I'm now planning a killer comeback stack to start in Feb. based on my previous Test, Tren, Mast stack with the addition of some Primo and Anavar;

Week 1 Test C 'takeon' to HRT levels

Weeks 2-9
Test C 50mg E3D
Tren Ace 26.25mg ED
Mast P 30mg ED
Primo E 150mg E3D
Anavar 30mg ED (Split dose)
HCG 200iu's twice a week
1/4 Arimidex ED
O.25mg Pexola ED

Weeks 10-14
Test C 100mg E3D
Primo E 150mg E3D
Anavar 30mg ED (Split dose)
HCG 200iu's twice a week
1/4 Arimidex ED
0.25 mg Pexola tapering down

I'm interested to hear if anyone has any experience with the above stacked compounds, (particularly the addition of Primo and Anavar), failing which ...
Log to follow ;)
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After much research and deliberation, I decided to scrap my previously proposed stack, and to rather keep it simple with a Test / Primo stack, 75mg Test C and 100mg Primo E E3D for 14 weeks, (to all those advocating massive doses ... my advice is simple; Try Pharma grade ;) )

Needless to say, my love for Primo has been rekindled ... this compound is fanfuckingtastic, particularly so for anyone recovering from surgery and the associated muscle atrophy.

I started this stack at 89kg's and 9%BF, and went up fairly steadily to 95kg's over a 14 week period, to where I find myself now ... On my second week of cruising on 75mg of Test C E3D, at a constant 95kgs and 7% BF, (up 6kgs total weight, and down 2% on BF).

I unfortunately didn't keep a detailed log this time around, however I did diarise the key points, such as 1/4 of a Aromasin and 200iu's of HCG E3D throughout, and I've remained on 0.5mg of Pexola as I love the erm 'side effects' ;)

I did introduce Anavar at 40mg a day for 10 days, at week 9, expecting to run for 6 weeks, however I pulled the plug when two boils appeared :O ... That's a first for me on any compound, and I won't be using Anavar again in a hurry!

Now my questions are;
How long should I wait before embarking on a Test, Tren, Mast stack, as I'm still chasing that elusive 98kg target!

Also; I've also gotten hold of some T3 and IGF1-LR3, and am wondering how to include them in my next stack and / or PCT.
Nice log my man, where you been with all this insight? After your injury that muscle memory is a wonderful thing isn't it. I've even heard of people coming off 6 months rest and after a couple months back in the gym they break PR's. Sorry to hear about the hernia bro, my dad dealt with those for decades, pushing the fucker back into place before he would do sets haha old school crazy fuck but once he got it taken care of he was back in the gym in no time. As far as the tren I know what you mean about the rabbit shit haha I literally shit twice a day and know exactly what you mean. Boils from the var, yikes yeah that's no good I would have cut that shit out too. How long should you wait? I'd say 8-10 weeks maybe, you'll continue the test dose of 75 E3D throughout and until then correct?
Thanks for the reply and compliments Mr. Chicago ;) ... glad I could provide some insights, as certainly this forum has provided me with plenty :D

As to hernias, my advice to everyone is get rid of your weight belts, as they provide you with even more pressure to force your intestines through the iguinal cavity, tearing it :( ... God forbid it should happen ... Don't screw around and attempt pseudo muscle strengthening Bro-science bulshit ... It's a muscle tear dammit! ... Just get a mesh repair done and get back to real training :D

As to your suggestion of waiting 8 weeks, I was thinking about a month, but I'll go with your suggestion an' give them lil' receptors some respite before the next juice onslaught, particularly so now that my sights are higher than my old 98kg ceiling, besides which ... I'm cruising on 75mg E3D, which is already 50% higher than my TRT dose of 50mg E3D ;) giving me a fair whack more free test floating around in the ol' bod in the interim ;)
Yeah bro tren is some powerful shit haha you should bust through that goal in no time and then some. Start another log on this thread when you start I'll be looking forward to hearing from you about it.
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