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  1. D

    ideas for a non-tren recomp stack?

    I’m looking to use a non tren related recomp stack. Just not a fan of what I’ve seen from people who have used tren. Seems like good chance of ending up with horrible sides and its a relationship killer my choices are Test + Primo+ NPP + HGH or something like DHB+ Primo+ Anavar + test/AI I’m in...
  2. L

    how about this recomp stack?

    I’m looking to do a nice recomp stack 5th cycle thereabouts and I’m currently 205 pounds and 5’11’’ 29 years old the steroids I would like to run: deca or NPP 300mgs a week 12 weeks test Prop 500mgs a week 14 weeks Proviron 100mgs a day 6 weeks Winstrol 10 weeks (not sure on dose) what do you...
  3. K

    16 week sarms stacking

    anyone try 16 week sarms? I have found that eight weeks just is not long enough and I want to go longer I’m looking at using s23 10mgs a day for 8 weeks, then doing RAD and GW the next 8 weeks is this a good plan for someone trying to recomp? I’m 5’10’’ and 179 pounds and 17% body fat
  4. B

    Boost of cardio and recomp

    45 years old and looking to do a recomp My diet is very strict, no junk food at all I’m also doing daily cardio every morning 210 pounds and 15% body fat and tall Not interested in doing tren again. Too nasty Want to run something safer Was thinking of test and primo Maybe 250mgs of test and...
  5. V

    Mega shred and recomp stack?

    I’m getting impatient with my training, its been 8 months where i am going on almost a daily basis to the gym and i’m not seeing very much results I would like to take things to the next level. What is your feelings on doing a mega shred and recomp stack? I’m looking to get GW, RAD, S4 and YK11...
  6. K

    2 sarms choices but can only pick 1

    So what would you do in this situation if you had to choose between 2 sarms choices I’m looking at using lgd4033 20mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day Gw 20mgs a day OR S23 20mgs a day Ostarine 25mgs a day Mk677 nutrobal 50mgs a day My goals are recomp, and strength. Want to conserve my body I'm...
  7. H

    Primobolan and side effects (or lack thereof)

    5’8’’ 165 pounds 11% body fat I noticed with primobolan it doesn’t matter how much of it you run you won’t experience many side effects. Whether its 300mgs up to 1000mgs Do you think this is the appeal of the steroid or do you think that it has something to do with the results that it's giving...
  8. D

    stacking rad140 with gw for recomp

    do you think that stacking cardarine gw and rad140 would be a good recomp stack or not? I’m 44 years old 6’1’’ 220 pounds 19% body fat what do you think about the following stack? 20mgs of gw 25mgs of rad then for pct: nolvadex 25mgs a day (heard this is the best for sarms) hcg 1000iu 3x per week
  9. Y

    Recomping after new year

    No more Mr. pudgy lol I want to recomp Currently 20% body fat, i plan on cutting before i start 5’10’’ 156 pounds and 27 yrs old Doing testosterone prop 100mgs EOD, and trenbolone acetate. Now with the acetate do i need to run it ED or EOD? A friend said he did it 3x a week and was fine What...
  10. D

    Secrets to tren cycles?

    What are some tips for my first trenbolone cycle? I’m gonna be ordering soon. Should i use E or ace? Short or long ester? Should is tack test with it or something else? My goals are recomp I’m 8% body fat, want to get to 7 or less. 175 pounds and 5’10’’ and 32
  11. S

    Recomping with test and mast

    it is time for me to do a recomp cycle for the first time I started out very skinny and I bulked up a lot over the past few years. Now i am 16% body fat and 205 pounds 5’10’’ would like to get my body fat lower. I’m still in my late 20’s and don’t want to be overweight into my 30’s...
  12. D

    3 stack recomp

    Gonna be doing a classic recomp cycle Masteron enanthate 200mgs 2x per week Trenbolone enanthate 150mgs 2x per week Testosterone cypionate 100mgs per week I’m around 11% body fat. Can see 4 pack abs I want 6 packs 5’11’’ 193 pounds and 33 years old How would you adjust the doses?
  13. L

    Need more results on sarms

    I have did a sarm cycle before and didn't have a good impression of them this time I want to try them again but try to improve the cycle Last time i did rad140 alone This time want to run gw cardarine with it What dosages would you recommend? I’m 32 years old and 180 pounds 15% body fat. Want...
  14. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #3 - Summer Recomp cycles with Euro pharma Hardcore 2.0 #3 - Summer Recomp cycles with Euro pharma
  15. A

    PSL trenbolone options

    I was looking at the PSL website and they have different options for Trenbolone I saw they have acetate, enanthate and oral tren too which one of those would work best for me as someone who is looking to recomp Also which of those have YOU used and would personally use again. Please don't...
  16. F

    Testosterone propionate with mast?

    Time to do a recomp I’m 48 years old 5’11’’ and 205, 15% body fat My plan is testosterone propionate 50mgs a day Masteron propionate 100mgs a day I've got the budget and the experience to add more things. Maybe one or two more steroids which ones do you recommend
  17. R

    Stacking sarms + supplements

    I know that this may have been asked before but I wanted to follow up and ask what would work best for me based on my goals and stats. My goal is to recomp, my stats are 13% body fat and 5’8’’-5’9’’ and around 180 pounds. I fluctuate between 178-182 so i track it daily Which sarms would work...
  18. Y

    Best 2 sarms to use

    I want to recomp and put on about 10 pounds of muscle but also want to lose fat on my frame Right now I am 5’11’’ and around 230 pounds. My body fat is like 20% or a little lower My friend said that GW cardarine and MK677 was a good one for recomp How long am I supposed to use them and how much
  19. J

    Masteron and testosterone stack

    32 years old, 182 pounds and 13% body fat I want to recomp and get more confidence in and out of the gym My plan is Doing shorter Esther's this way I can change things around masteron propionate at 100 mg every other day testosterone propionate 50 mg every other day do you think I'll...
  20. S

    Super high lgd

    I was wondering if anybody has ever use lgd 4033 at a super high dosage and what were your results 33 yrs old I'm currently five foot eight 180 lb my goal is to recomp if I were to run to lgd-4033 at 100 mg a day would that speed up my gains or would it be a waste
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