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question about sets/reps in my push/pull routine


New member
hey i just started a 4 day push/pull routine for the first time and would just like a little clarification when it comes to doing the sets and reps.

This was my first workout yesterday
quads + push

Squats 5x4-6
leg press 5x6-8
bench press 5x4-6
incline db press 4x6-8
barbell military press 5x4-6
seated db press 3x6-8

I wrote up this program based off Thibs article "how to design a damn good program" from t-nation. The only thing I'm wondering is would it be better to do straight sets or ramping sets considering the fact that my goal is just to build primarily strength and some mass as secondary. yesterday for bench press i did barx12, 135x10, 165x6,175x6,195x5, 205x6, 195x6 hitting 5x4-6 . Thing is I didn't feel pumped or tired so im wondering if i did this right. Secondly I felt worn out by the time i got to shoulders so i had to decrease the sets (4 and 3 for mp and seated press) is this ok?


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Very close to the same thing that I do.
This is exactly what I do,
2x20 bar, cuz I need lots of warm up for old shoulders.
1x10 at 135
1x3 at 165
1x5 at 175
1x5 at 195
1x3 at 205
1x8 at 225
1x8 at 225
1x8 at 225
But I dont taper back down.
You are going for strength and I am going for hyp. But for strength I would think that you might want to do more work sets at your 205 weight, so I would do an easier warm up using less weight so I had more juice left for my work sets.
Maybe like this,
bar x 10
205x5 (3-5x)
Now you still get a good warm up but save strength for your work sets too.


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Or in the past I have worked up to a 345 LB bench by doing the following. Warm up at 130 for 10 reps.
185 for 5 reps
185 for 5 reps
225 for 5 reps
225 for 5 reps
250 x 1
270 x 1
300 x 1
325 x 1
345 x 3-5
I think that this is more of a strength routine. IMO