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push, pull, legs routine outline

I have been loving this push,pull,legs routine. I have been playing around with adding different lifts as of late and came up with a brutal but fantastic pull day in my opinion.

Power cleans
Weighted pull ups
BB rows
Bb shrugs
Pull downs
Straight bar curls

I stay in the 3-5 rep range and 3 sets after warm ups. It's tough but I love it so far. Finish this up with 15mins of hiit cardio.

that looks like a brutal pull session. you are probably having some very strong results with that.
^^ DAMN!---just an idea-put the power clean before your deadlift. It activates you to use your lower posterior chain more for the DL-plus the explosive nature of it helps to have a similar explosive feel for the DL off the floor
that looks like a brutal pull session. you are probably having some very strong results with that.

I am still at but it has been kicking my ass thats for sure. But I love it. I have been seeing great results with it. The biggest difference I have scene so far is that I have been able to keep adding weight to my weighted pull ups. I have an obsession with pull ups as of late. It is definately starting to take its toll on the joints as of late. I just ordered some TB-500 after doing some research on it and reading some nice reviews.

The other day I came across the smolov squat routine and looking at how difficult it is I am thinking about giving that a go in the near future. Steve do you have any thoughts on that program? Also I might get crazy and try to add in the smolov jr bench routine with it. I like routine that are very tough.
Man, this couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I've been trying to come up with a brutal push/pull split for a couple weeks, and after some suggestions on this thread, I'm in the green to go starting Monday. I've been on a 4 day split for about 6-7wks and it's time to change. I'm prepping for a contest in first one...and I'm trying to get a little more size on me before I shred down.
Thanks Steve, and all the other bros who keep my ass in gear. I have a long way to go, but I lift heavy and eat equally as heavy. May even log the progress on this.
Hey Steve...

I see you quite ardent on getting deads on leg day.
Physiologically, what's the reason for that?

I'm almost done writing up leg day for my push/pull/leg split, and I just wanna see your ideas. I planned on doing squats on leg day, and deads on pull day, but you've stated more than once not to, and I know you know your shit.
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