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primo is fake coming as masteron?help

dave is a good guy, but blinded by money
how could you seriously trust anything he sells?
How do you think these guys on social media make money?
It sure as hell isn't from being honest and selling quality products and it sure as hell is not from ad revenue from their stupid videos
i will always tell you to use
i trust them and i trust them for my clients. para pharma a certificates of analysis
Truth be told I could care less if I ordered primo but got mast both are still dht both act great as an AI id run it and be happy with it.

It is very highly unlikely you got mast and that testing method is junk just like his underdosed and underwhelming species nutrition line šŸ˜‚

Reliable source that Is approved isn't going to sell u something labeled as one thing and put something else in the vial, that source would not exist on here if that was a problem and truly what was happening.
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