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primo is fake coming as masteron?help

i've said this a million times. DO NOT use these kits off the internet. they are scams themselves. get your money back on that kit

if you want an accurate test you need to send it off. we had a few members on here send products off and confirm they are legit
Beligas primo 200 from sponsor here
i did the dave pulombo test kit and my primo is reading as masteron i think the liquid is white clear
has anyone used this brand ?
@spartan9000 please post your Beligas test results with roid test.
Lets see it.

can you explain to us why you haven't posted in your LOG? no updates nothing
i don't trust dave
and i don't trust these kits online.
anyone can make them and sell them with no proof they work
these kits have been proven to be phony info
also why did you stop your log?
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