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Beligas gear?

that is a helluva touchdown
please post the pictures
and please get your log up and going so we can track your results and push you
Monstro says please log this!
it will be an awesome cycle and post up your diet and training orals are on point
very easy to know what you are taking.
Hey brothers,
I just received my Beligas gear. Here is what I ordered:

4 x Etho-Masteron 200
4 x Deca Durabolin 500
4 x Quant-Equipoise 500
4 x Pro-Dynabol 50
4 x Pro-Anadrol 50
6 x Clomid 50
4 x Nolvadex 20

Everything looks as it should. What I am concerned about is the oral pills. They all look identical. The other thing is, how long should I be on dbol before noticing an effect? It has been 7 days and I don't feel different, nor have I put on water weight. (in the past I have put on 8-10 pounds in the first week). This is my first time using this brand. I greatly appreciate any insight.

beligas is excellent
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