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Planning my 2nd cycle.. building up fand getting cut for the summer?


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Planning my 2nd cycle.. Advice please!

Alright Everyone!

I did my first cycle this year of Test and Winni finsihed last month and was really happy with the results. Am hoping to do a 2nd cycle next year starting in March.. the idea is to be looking good by the time summer gets here..

Have been planning out a work out regieme and cycle and would appreciate some advice on improving it and possible doesages needed please.

Am inteding to maintain a high protien low carb diet for frist two months whilst losing BF, then increasing to a suitable diet for the test and wistrol.
What do you think? any ideas if this will work well? am not a massive bodybuilder, am looking for a muscular defined cut look not to get massive!

Jan - Intending to increase my cardio to lose bf after xmas, have been slacking off alot recently and getting proper fat! lol . Will be using Carnitine supplment (x4weeks)to aid fat los. training will be mostly thai boxing x3 weekly and 2x weights session per week

Feb - Continuing Cardio (thai boxing) and using Clen (x4weeks) to assist in fat loss - thai boxing x3 weekly and 2x weights session per week

March - Hoping to have decennt BF ratio by then, stoping the clen. Starting on Test and increasing weight lifting and reducing cardio a bit ( 4 weeks Test Cypionate not sure of dosage)
maintain couple of cardio sessions but increaing weight training days.

April - Same a March using Test Cyp not sure of dosage, increasing weight lifting and continuing cardio couple time a week (weights 3 x weekly, cardio 2 times)

May - Starting on the Wistrol 50mg ED for first 2 weeks and then 50MG EOD for final 3 weeks (weights 3 x weekly, cardio 2 times)

June - Will finish wistrol on first week, then have two weeks before start pct of Clomid for 2-3 weeks (dosage?) with some HCG (dosage?), probably pick up some creatine as well for good measure? and have some Nolva on standby throughout (weights 3 x weekly, cardio 2 times)

As i said any adivce would be great! thanks
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