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Approved Log My Sustanon and Deca Durabolin Cycle Log

Breakfast same

845 same with strawberries

Lunch burger and Brussels with lettuce tomato and onions

20 mg Cardarine


Stretch 10 min

Stairstepper 30 min 82 spm

1x15 leg press 270 per leg warmup

2x12 seated leg curl 85 per leg

2x8 seated leg curl 90 per leg

2x12 decline leg press 320 per leg superset with 2x12 calf raises 320 per leg

3x12 Dead lift 135

3x10 dead lift 185

3x6 dead lift 205

4x5 hip abductor 140 super set with 4x5 hip adductor 140

Going to start doing more conventional DL for back/core as requested.

2x45 seconds hollow body hold super set with 2x10 low crunches

2x10 weighted decline sit-ups 45

2x8 weighted decline sit-ups 50

Same SIT set up as yesterday; 30 seconds stair stepper at 142 spm then 4 minutes at 82 spm 6 rounds.

Weight down again to 198

Protein shake

Cold shower

Dinner is chicken thighs peas and avocado

Got bloods today boys! I’ll post pictures, levels were way higher than I expected, the blood was drawn last week, later in the day on Wednesday, which is almost 4 days from the last pin. Estradiol was 36; I had taken 12.5 Aromasin that day as well. Let me know if I should add in more.

I am considering adding another meal in (oatmeal with fruit, walnuts, and Greek yogurt) and deleting the granola from my diet, as it does have a bit of carbs and sugar, then just adding more walnuts. Let me know if that’s cool
Way too much volume
when you get out from a cold shower do you dry off right away or just shiver for a bit?
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