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Lifting during a fast


New member
Have any of you ever lifted during your fasting when you've done over 24 hours
I'm going to do a 24-hour fast once a week
on that fasting. Is it A wise choice to train or should I take the entire day off and just rest what do you guys think
i've lifted during long fasts and have taken a break

if you want to repair and recover the body then don't exercise during a fast
otherwise you can workout during a prolong fast and def during a 24 hour fast. some of my best workouts ever were doing long fasts.
when i do fasting i dont lift to preserve muscle mass
i do some cardio 1st day but then nothing rest and relax
24 hour fasting is nothing and anyone who says you can't workout during that is just a weak minded individual
bro i fast on tanker and still climb pole 150ft high and do workout every morning. no problem unless you a poosy
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