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    How to use sarms along with 24 hour fasts

    I am doing a 24-hour fast once a week. it usually is on Fridays my question is if I eat my meal on Thursday and then eat my next meal Friday at the same time that would be 24 hours correct? And in that case would i use my sarms before my meal or after? I’m using GW, SR and s4. All 3 together...
  2. JimAbs43 Hardcore 32 - Fasting strategies, bulking and cutting Hardcore 32 - Fasting strategies, bulking and cutting
  3. W

    bodybuilding and fasting protocol

    what is a good fasting protocol for bodybuilders to follow? Looking to get jacked any studies that show that actual athletes fasted for long periods and had good results that I can follow ? Please share
  4. D

    Need fasting help

    Hello, i am interested in trying fasting but never did it before A bit about me. I am 67 years old and have had 2 heart attacks. First time was in my 40’s and the last about a year ago. I am on several medications. My diet has gotten better but i do not eat much fruits or veggies. My diet is...
  5. M

    How to break a fast

    I am going to do a 5 day fast but might go longer fasting is the easy part I know what to do the hard part is figuring out how to break the fast. There are a lot of different opinions out there and all kinds of strategies that I've read. Can you help me with what I'm supposed to do the first...
  6. K

    How to alternate day fast

    I saw a study on alternate-day fasting and they kept their muscle and lost a lot of fat thought that was very interested and I wanted to try it looking to see what kind of strategy would be good. Obviously on My fasting day I know not to eat but on my eating day do I eat two meals, three...
  7. A

    Fasting and fat loss

    I'm currently 245 lb and I'm looking to figure out how to fast I was reading about Kevin O'Leary, the guy from the show shark tank and he was saying how much he was able to lose weight because of fasting. Can anyone give me some pointers and how much wait do you think I'll lose if I fast for...
  8. H

    Fasting one day on and off

    I'm looking to try something new and I'm curious about what you guys thought about fasting one day on and 1 day off has anyone on here try doing this and what are the benefits that I can expect. I'm currently overweight I weigh about 270 pounds. how would I do this type of thing is it a...
  9. JimAbs43 Episode 442 IIFYM, Fasting, Organic foods, Oils, and many Diet myths busted. Episode 442 IIFYM, Fasting, Organic foods, Oils, and many Diet myths busted.
  10. J

    do you lose muscle fasting?

    I posted a thread on another forum about fasting asking questions and a few guys chimed in with things like “I would never fast” or “have fun losing muscle” seems like they weren’t helpful just being stupid can you give me some information on if fasting does that? I’ve been doing IF for the...
  11. A

    Lifting during a fast

    Have any of you ever lifted during your fasting when you've done over 24 hours I'm going to do a 24-hour fast once a week on that fasting. Is it A wise choice to train or should I take the entire day off and just rest what do you guys think
  12. D

    fasting tips 5 days

    I am going to try fasting for 5 days, I am only good at doing 24 or 36 hour fasts so far, haven’t gone further but it is time for me to do it. For a normal joe who works monday through friday at an office job do you think I should fast during the week or should I start on the weekend and go...
  13. B

    anyone try fasting before?

    I never thought fasting was a good idea, I mean how could you not eat food and bodybuild at the same time. But now I see so many pros doing it. I tried fasting for 5 days and it was very hard for the first few days then it was easy, I wasn’t even hungry. Why does this happen and is fasting...
  14. T

    Fasting during Ramadan

    I have those of you may know this week Ramadan started so I and about two billion other people in the world are fasting for a month. The way it works is we have to fast from sunrise to sunset. The thing is I'm really in deep with weight training for the first time where I weight train almost...
  15. D

    Cutting program for the next 12 weeks

    hello I will be following the fasting protocol that's been recommended by Steve where you do every other day eating. So I'm going to be doing fasting on day one, then eating three meals on day two back and forth. I was wondering which sarms you'd recommend during this. I also will be working out...
  16. P

    Supplements while fasting

    I wanted to do a three or four day fast and someone said that I should take multivitamins during it because during that fast I won't be getting any of these which I need. But then I read that you're not supposed to take any supplements during a fast so which is right and do you have any...
  17. K

    fasting for 7 days and will power

    I want to try fasting with 0 sugar and 0 carbs for 7 days. Has anyone tried this before and how do you deal with the urge of will power and how you beat cravings. I can remember a guy named Poliquin on here who would advocate doing this, not sure what happened to him it has been a while since...
  18. L

    being sick and fasting

    I have had a stomach bug for 3 days. It seemed to start after I had a cheat meal cheesecake and soda and has made my stomach feel gassy since. I’ve tried gas meds with no relief. Would fasting for a day or two help my stomach with this or should I eat like crackers and rice until I feel better?
  19. R

    Can fasting fix my kidney's?

    My doctor diagnosed me with a kindey disease and he blames it on my size and also my steroid abuse. I am now 45 years old and started using steroids at 18 and some cycles I did I look back and cannot believe what I did to my body. Bottom line is my kidney's are in bad shape and I am desperate...
  20. E

    gallbladder and fasting?

    so here is my question. I did a 500 calorie a day fast for 14 days with no fat and then went to a low carb diet and had pain in my gall bladder when i went back on fats. would this same issue come up again if i fasted since my stomach isn't producing bile or am i completely off the rails with...
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