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    advantages to training with a spouse

    what are the advantages and disadvantages to training with a spouse? I’m currently trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do cause this new gf I am dating is always asking me to train together. Do you do it?
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    time for steroids or no?

    I’m a female here and never tried steroids before the new gym I train at I can tell a lot of chicks use them hard to keep up with them. And they are snobs what are my options when it comes to steroid use? I’m 41 year olds 5’5’’ 130 pounds
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    Early 20’s sarms

    I’m a younger guy just starting out. I’m 22 years old, finishing up my degree and don’t have time to train more than 3x per week at this time Would sarms be of any benefit? Just looking for an edge in the weight room. I’m 200 pounds and 6’1’’
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    Why do I throw up on leg day

    I know I'm not alone in this but I'm having an issue when I work out on leg day I tend to run to the bathroom and throw up what are some things that I'm doing wrong that I should be fixing I don't have this issue when I train my upper body or even do cardio but it just happens on Monday when I...
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    Lifting during a fast

    Have any of you ever lifted during your fasting when you've done over 24 hours I'm going to do a 24-hour fast once a week on that fasting. Is it A wise choice to train or should I take the entire day off and just rest what do you guys think
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    learning how to train?

    I have a general question about weight training. I am a younger guy who is starting to get into it and reading up on different ways to weight train. So far I love it but I feel like I have a lot to learn. How did you all on here originally learn the trade and what got you to take the next...
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    back to back training days same muscle

    a buddy of mine I am working out with suggested a training routine where I work a muscle two straight days in a row. Example: if I train my chest we train chest hard on monday and then on tuesday train it again but much lighter weight and less reps. Is this a good strategy backed by science or...
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    Purchasing gym equipment?

    I need to purchase some gym equipment for my home gym that I'm starting. I plan on getting mirrors, matts, and sending up my garage with a nice home gym that I can train with. Any suggestions where to pick up some good deals on this not looking to spend more than $1,000 total
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    Leg options for an injured person

    What do you think are the best exercise options for my legs in my current situation A bit about me. I don't have much range of motion my lower body because I tore my ACL and have done multiple surgeries. I know I need to train my legs somehow but I can't do anything too crazy but I like to do...
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    What do you eat before you train

    okay so this is an easy question for everybody and I asked the front guys this I can never get a straight answer from them for some reason. Not sure if they're trying to hide the truth from me or what. But what are you guys eat before you go and weight train. I'm trying to find the best thing to...
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    how to train transverse abs?

    I was lifting in the gym and some dude who was jacked with an 8 pack was lifting next to me so I said what the heck let me talk to this guy. I asked him how he gets his abs so tight and huge. He laughed and said you gotta train you transverse abdominal area and then walked away shaking his...
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