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If you are bored you can read this...

I didn't read that long log (my short attention span at this hour is not helping either), but I do want to state that Doggcrap knows his shit. While I won't call him a Lyle McDonald, Duchaine, or Haycock (only for training though).......he knows the game well despite not being an 'established' author like the others I mentioned.
No way is training 3 times as often going to give me 3 times the growth. Just doesn't work that way. I work my entire body once every 10 days. Partly because of my lack of time, and partially because each time I train that body part again, it feels brand new and ready to have the snot beat out of it. If I tried that once every 3 days I'd need novocane just to get out of bed everyday, and I'm pretty close to that now!!!

I was bored enough to read that whole friggin thing. Its alot like a book I once read by Tom Platz called BIg Boyond Belief. I have been dying to hear someone else agree with even some of what I read. Maybe now Ill throw away my routine and give that shit a try. ummmm, I said maybe.
I must have A.D.D. But I like the ideal. I would think one would need to be "on" to do that type of training.
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