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how do you stack both gw and sr together?

I’m not sure how they would compete for receptors as GW activates PPAR and SR activates circadian nuclear receptors REV-ERBα and -β. Although they both increase the density of mitochondria in the cell, I would assume this would create a synergistic effect. Correct me if I’m wrong any vets out there, but every time I’ve stacked these together, I’ve seen incredible results.
Few, to none, know f'all about how receptors work. It just sounds like they do.
They work great together. I would do GW daily at 20mg per day and do the SR just a few hours before lifting on training days. Umbrella Labs has you covered.
I’d love to try umbrellas GW. Do they carry 0742, and if not would that ever be considered as an option? PPAR’s are one of my favorites 💪

I agree on 20 a day, the difference between 20 and 30 for me is minimal if anything.
Had a question about stacking both GW and SR together.
Been getting some help with monstro via PM’s since he is good with using sarms.
He recommended I not stack both GW and SR together because they compete with receptors. Not saying he’s wrong on that at all but just wanted to hear more opinions on that logic because to me it doesn’t make any sense.
yes go to Umbrella for the goods
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