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    Adding stimulants and sarms to fat burner routine

    I'm looking to mix in some stimulants and perhaps sarms to my fat burning routine that I am planning it's going to be an hour they have cardio everyday. that will be how I start my mornings off and it will be fasted I'm 5 ft 8 in and I weigh 135 lb. I would like to cut down 5 to 10 lb as a...
  2. G

    Sarms cutter stack options

    I’ve put on around 25 pounds in the past 2 years.bad weight and gotten out of shape Haven’t been training as well as i should Plan on going back for 5 weeks and then starting sarms Want to cut down. I’m currently 225 pounds, need to get sub 200 but want to keep muscle I’ve got a good stack...
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    Sarms and side effects

    so I'm only 21 years old and I'm new to using performance enhancing drugs. a lot of my friends are using steroids but I don't want to use them yet because I know of the dangers I'm a bigger guy about 240 lb and 6 ft 1 in. my body fat is high so I would like to cut down I was looking at some of...
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    How much is a sarms stack?

    32 years old 5 ft 11 in 211 lb 22% body fat I'm looking to do some sarms but I want to fit them in my budget if possible The 2 sarms i’m looking for are lgd4033 and rad140 Both are sarms right? I also want to save money so i will be using 5mgs of each per day Do you think I can keep the cycle...
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    Female cutting down steroids/sarms?

    I'm looking to take performance enhancing drugs to cut down a little bit from here I train about three to four times a week in the gym pretty religiously but just not seeing the results I'm 5'6 and I weigh about 142 lb I'm 42 years old and my metabolism has seemed to slow down What do you think...
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    Post sarms options

    I’m gonna be using s23 and rad140 on cycle. 10-20mgs of each per week for 8 weeks I know i need a good pct for this I’m 26 years old and 220 pounds with 20% body fat My pct was looking like this: Nolvadex 20, clomid 50. 4 weeks. Then bridging with mk2866 ostarine and gw cardarine. Half dose...
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    Skinny guy sarms run

    I’m a skinnier guy seeking to use sarms My goals are of course to get more muscle mass and bulk up more. right now I feel like I have muscle but you can't really see it if I have a shirt on I have to take my shirt off if that makes sense I’m targeting some of the more stronger sarms like rad140...
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    Stop telling me what to do with sarms!

    I’m 21 years old. 5’11’’ and 140 pounds. I feel like i have reached my plateau and ready for more out of my workouts I posted on another forum and some dude gemelli or whatever started telling me not to do this or that. My body and my choice I'm going to use s23 and there isn’t a thing you can...
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    Athletic options with sarms

    I don't consider myself a bodybuilder I'm more of an athlete overall and I like to do a lot of sports. I'll spend my entire gym hour playing basketball on the court or doing racquetball it's really fun to do it that way but I'm also doing weight training as well a couple times a week looking for...
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    Sarms and support supplements useful?

    what do you think about using sarms and using support supplements with them? will it enhance the cycle or will it not make much of a difference I'm going to be doing some pretty strong sarms. S23 and yk11 together. I know people say not to stack them but i want to. I’m 26 years old and weigh 260...
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    Gw vs. sr9009

    I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between cardarine gw501516 and sr9009 they both seem to be good for cutting fat and endurance but how would you run them separately in my situation? yes I am interested in burning fat but I would also love to increase my endurance as well. I'm...
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    S23 for fast gains

    I’m looking to use s23 solo for quick gains to my physique I've got a vacation coming up in a couple months and I want to look really good for it I'm currently kind of skinny fat. I'm 5'10 and I'm around 180 lb my body fat is like 16 -17% I'm 28 years old If I run it for 8 weeks ahead of my...
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    Rad140 is mild or strong?

    Looking for some tips and advice on rad140 How strong is this stuff and how much can i use where it won’t shut me down? I’m 24 years old and don’t want to use steroids. So i want to use sarms this time 10mgs a day of rad140 gonna shut me down or no? My stats are 5’8’’ 175 pounds and a modest 18%...
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    High body fat sarms

    I’m a guy with high body fat I’m hoping you can give me some tips on how to use sarms to help with this I’m 27% body fat according to my trainer 47 years old and I am around 5 ft 7 in tall I recently switched from a IIFYM diet to a more standard healthy diet with the help of my trainer but he...
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    4 weeks on and 4 weeks off sarms

    Was reading some old blog posts on sarms and looking at doing them 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off My 4 week on idea was doing 25mgs a day of ostarine mk2866 Then maybe switching over to lgd4033 for 4 weeks but with a 4 week break in between I'm 22 years old, 170 lb and 6 ft 1 in my goals are to bulk...
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    Will sarms harm or help libido?

    Cannot get much of a straight answer on this one but it was wondering if sarms will help or hurt libido? I’m currently 5’9’’ 188 pounds, 18% body fat 23 years old I want to run a stack of lgd4033 10mgs a day Rad140 10mgs a day And yk11 5mgs a day I am dating a girl steadily and we like to have...
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    Best running stack

    I want to become a runner after doing my first 5K last weekend I’ve started to train for it but have a hard time keeping up with other people i run with Need some help I’m 5’9’’ 188 pounds and 27 years old My sarms stack i want to try Cardarine 501516gw 25mgs a day Mk2866 ostarine 50mgs a day 12...
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    Using a sarms cycle without GW

    I don’t want to use gw cardarine cause of the cancer studies Is it possible to use 3 sarms and not include GW or should i just forget it? I was thinking of doing yk11, s23, and s4 andarine as a stack I’m 28 years old 5 ft 11 in and I weigh around 217 lb. my body fat is around 20 to 25%. I'm...
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    Sarms works on only skinny people?

    I am a bigger guy and hoping sarms could help me too with my muscle and also my physique I’m 5’8’’ and 220 pounds 25 years old I only see skinnier guys pushing them. Never top bodybuilders or large men On someone like me what they work good or should I stick to steroids going forward? if so...
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    Racket sports and sarms

    Looking to get better at racket sports. Mainly tennis and racquetball I started to play at a local park and when they pick Partners I'm always one of the last ones that get to play. they are a bunch of old farts and I'm tired of them disrespecting me! The only guy who wants to play with me is an...