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    2 sarms to use with testosterone

    I’m cruising on testosterone for the year at 250mgs a week Looking to add 2 sarms to help with fat loss and lean muscle gains without adding to side effects Also something that will help with water retention would be good too. I want that arnold look A friend suggested i go with cardarine and...
  2. J

    Going with yk11 and rad140 with ACP

    Don’t see anyone running ACP-105 anymore, did it fall out of favor or just a gimmick? Would like to try it but with a stack How much would you recommend i use with yk11 5mgs and rad 10mgs a day? My plan was 8 weeks but now I'm reading you should really run it at least 10 weeks I'm 6 ft 4 and I...
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    Normal to get headaches on sarms?

    First off my blood pressure is pretty good it's around 130 over 75 I've got a pretty good diet. only thing that's really changes of increase my calories a little bit. also been adding some creatine to my supplement regiment and also taking protein powder three times a day I’m using lgd4033 20mgs...
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    Bridging with sarms, ostarine and what else?

    Going to be using sarms to bridge in between my steroid cycles 12 weeks testosterone is my first cycle and then my second cycle will be 10 weeks of testosterone with equipoise looking to hold my results in between and use some mk2866 ostarine my cruise length would be about 10 to 15 weeks...
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    3 sarms triple stack

    RAD140, cardarine gw, and ostarine mk2866 are the 3 i am looking at My plan is rad10mgs a day 8 weeks Ostarine 25mgs a day for 12 weeks Gw 20mgs a day for 16 weeks I'm going to do a healthy diet and also get in at least 300 g of protein a day. any advice is appreciated my main goal is to get in...
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    Got a question on ECA and sarms together

    I'm looking for anyone with experience using both sarms with the ECA stack It is going to be: Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin And then with sarms using gw cardarine 20mgs a day with s23 I’m 33 years old. 6’1’’ and 243 pounds with 25% body fat Goals are fat loss but I'll also be cool with losing some...
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    Just using GW and lgd?

    what are you guys think about just using gw cardarine 50mgs a day Along with lgd4033 25mgs a day I'm 330 lb and my goal is to cut down. I also don't want to lose any strength in the process I'm 6'4 and my body fat is pretty high my training program is going to be 3 to 4 times a week weight...
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    Female and cardarine gw use

    What kind of cardio do you recommend i do while on GW501516 My goals are improving endurance and fat loss too I heard you're supposed to take it before your workouts to get the best benefits. also I have a question because I work in a bakery and we eat a lot of free donuts and cake. would I...
  9. J

    Best for losing belly sarms

    Not just looking to lose my belly using sarms but also I like to go bicycling every weekend we usually go about 12 to 15 mi in a group. also looking to help with strength improvements in the gym someone told me that sr9009 and s4/andarine were good, but i’m worried about vision issues being...
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    Adding RAD/GW to TRT

    47 years old and been on testosterone replacement therapy since I was about 39 or 40 I'm currently 6'1 255 lb and my testosterone dose is close to 200 a week. I'm looking to add sarms to this GW cardarine and rad140 seem like the best options for me Would GW 20mgs a day and rad 10mgs a day be...
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    Grapefruit juice supplements?

    I was wondering why nobody has come out with grapefruit juice supplements grapefruit juice is not only great because it's healthy for us and can boost our immune system but it also can help you absorb everything better. from supplements, to steroids, to sarms. so why hasn't anyone invented a...
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    best 3 sarm stack for nudity onlyfans

    I’m making some good money being a nude model believe it or not online, I work mostly onlyfans but have other channels too I’m 6’1’’ 183 pounds and 23 years old I want to get more ripped, people are into that lol. Want the zyzz look the 3 sarms I thought would work well are gw cardarine, rad140...
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    Using sarms most efficiently

    I’ve got 2 bottles of gw cardarine 3 bottles of rad140 2 bottles of ostarine mk2866 My plan so far is gonna be to improve in the weight room. I have not touched a weight in a year. Took time off for injuries, and just had to find the right gym after moving Currently 160 pounds or so and 5’6’’...
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    Best female stack of sarms

    I’ve got a close friend advising me on sarms She said to use rad140 10mgs a day and s4 andarine 60mgs a day This is my first time using this stuff. My main objective is increasing my strength but I also don't want to get any type of man like issues either I’m currently 5’1 and 155 pounds. Some...
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    Debating proper lgd dose

    one of my objectives is going to be avoiding suppression. this is why I'm going to forgo using anabolic steroids and instead I'm going to go with sarms I'm debating whether to use lgd4033 at 5 mg or 10 mg a day. if I increase the those higher will it cause more suppression or is that just bro...
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    Becoming superman on sarms?

    5 years ago I started dabbling around with pro hormones. they didn't do a thing for me except make me sick and make me lose results. the past year I've been busting my butt I don't want to mess around with needles though and use anything like that That is why i am going with sarms My cycle...
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    Side effects to watch out for on sarms

    I got my sarms from enhanced athletes and I've been on it for a few weeks dealing with some weird side effects I wanted to throw your way first off my skin is getting some weird allergies. I haven't been able to link any type of food that's causing it or anything new like a cat or a dog or...
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    More info on sr9009 and GW

    These 2 look too good to be true Who wouldn't love to drop body fat and increase their endurance and cardio. my question is when it comes to your circadian rhythm do they affect that and will it ruin my sleep at night also what about the bioavailability of taking these products? seems like there...
  19. J

    Dylan help me with masterbation and sarms

    Hi dylan, I am having weird things happen to me when using sarms When i take them i start wanting to masterbate. I do it 2 times really fast. Not sure if placebo or not But when i have real sex with people while drunk i cannot get it up at all and no libido Does this have to do with sarms or...
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    Questions about sarms

    Have some simple questions about sarms When are you supposed to take them in regards to when you train. I usually train after work I get to the gym around 5:00 p.m. should I start taking them at 4:00 p.m. or doesn't matter? next question is how do you fix the nasty taste? my friend let me try a...