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    why does S4 and s23 have so many sides yet…

    S4 I’m doing 75mgs a day and doing the s23 25mgs a day. I’m 22 years old and experiencing horrible vision side effects like a yellow tint also getting shut down sides. so wondering why does s4 andarine and s23 come with so many sides yet the gains are also soooooooo damn good. What do you think?
  2. Z

    I’m looking to boost lean muscle mass sarms

    A currently in my mid-20s and I’m 216 pounds and five foot 11 my next sarms cycle will look like this but I am open to tweaks that you recommend. Yk11 20mgs a day lgd4033 15mgs a day cardarine gw501516 25mgs a day 12 weeks my main goals are to boost my lean muscle mass
  3. B

    how to implement fasting with sarms for fat loss

    currently 275 pounds and I’m six foot one. I would guess my body fat was around 25 to 30% I’m looking to lose some fat over the next 8-12 weeks. My fasting approach will be 24-36 hour fasting every 3 days. How would I use sarms in this situation? Would nutrobal mk677 be a good choice or no? How...
  4. V

    S23 side effects worth it?

    I’m conflicted on whether to use s23 or not. Some say its good, some say no. I’m 24 years old. 5’10’’ 188 pounds. Before you say no just based on my age keep in mind I’m very mature for my age and work full time and make 6 figures as a post grad. I believe that my one weakness is my muscle mass...
  5. N

    how do you store and pack sarms?

    So I have a couple different questions about sarms. I already know about steroids and all that but I know nothing about when it comes to storing and packing sarms when you go on a trip. Questions are : 1. when storing sarms at home where do you store them? Fridge? Closet? How long do they last...
  6. Q

    running ostarine good for a runner/athlete?

    44 years old and 180 pounds I’m not a weight lifter or a bodybuilder but I am a runner and an athlete was wondering what you thought about ostarine for what I am looking for. Basically I need help with recovery and help with lingering injuries. Would ostarine be a good one for me to try or would...
  7. E

    bulking up on Yk11 and s23

    currently 165 pounds and six foot tall looking to do a bulking sarms stack if that is even possible I’m training five times a week but some of my friends are saying that I’m overtraining and that’s causing me to burn up too many calories to prevent me from bulking. This is why I want to try yk11...
  8. T

    pure bodybuilder and sarms

    I would consider myself a pure bodybuilder just a guy who lifts weights, I don’t do any cardio and I don’t do any things like stretching or yoga or any of that pansy stuff. I just want to take sarms to help me with my bodybuilding currently in my early 20’s. Built good and buff. 220 pounds and...
  9. N

    how to raise my sarms dosages

    last sarms stack was not good. I think I had my dosages just too low. Was doing 5mgs of GW and 10mgs of S4. Should not have listened to a friend of mine and done my own research I know. This time I am seeking to run the correct dosing and use a prime sarms source. Can you recommend the proper...
  10. P

    plan to gain mass

    I’m a female who is 27 years old 5’1’’ 120 pounds. Very small in size, but I do have a little bit of belly fat would like to tighten up more and bulk up at the same time which sarms or steroids would you recommend for me? Never used anything before
  11. B

    how would you use sarms to increase volume

    looking to increase the volume of my workouts from 15 sets to 25 sets to push myself more definitely feel like it’s time for me to push through a plateau as I have been training religiously for the past year I’m 44 years old, a late bloomer to weight training, 165 pounds and five foot 10 which...
  12. V

    trying to lose some weight on sarms

    here definitely always been the bigger dude in school got bullied a lot but I did play football and was an offensive lineman. Won’t say I was any good but I could block some of the other bigger dudes on the other team which sarms would you recommend for me to lose weight? I’m in my late 20’s and...
  13. T

    using pro hormones + sarms together

    Hi I’m looking at some of the logs on here and I noticed a couple guys are using pro hormones. I’m looking for one that has DHEA options to run with sarms. I’ve seen some really smart guys say that using pro hormones with sarms is a smart choice. It will reduce side effects and also give you...
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    Cardarine gw stack for more endurance

    seeking the best endurance stack possible I recently got into endurance running and I’m going to run my first 5k in the next 10 weeks. Plan on competing in different ones over the course of the summer. Currently running a 5k in about 25 minutes would like to get that time down closer to 20...
  15. B

    Umbrella Labs Help

    Can anyone help me get in touch with Umbrella Labs? No response from websites listed phone and email going on 2 weeks. Thank you
  16. R

    sarms lgd, rad and gw

    going to go with an easy sarms stack this time lgd, rad, and gw my lgd dose is gonna be 10mgs rad is 10mgs and GW 20mgs. Thoughts on this? I’m 110kg, overweight, trying to cut down. 28 years old. Last 2 years have really put on a lot of mass but not the good kind lol.
  17. V

    underweight, heavy on cardio, sarms the answer?

    I do a cardio-rich workout routine where I go jogging every morning around my block and I basically run the whole circle until I’m dripped and sweat LOL I’m looking to use sarms not to help me with endurance because that’s not my issue but to help me build more muscle mass. Do you have any...
  18. G

    60 year old sarms stack

    looking To get a boost with my pickleball and golf game 60 years old my main complaint is joint issues both with my knees hips and elbows. Hoping that sarms might be able to help with that ostarine and nutrobal sound like no brainers. However I have tried them before and didn’t like some of the...
  19. R

    newbie to sarms. Where should I go?

    I’m a newbie to sarms and looking for some advice on which direction I should go with them. Should I go with s23 + S4+ yk11? Or should I go with more mild stack of ostarine, nutrobal and GW? I’m 24 years old and I’m 5 foot 10 160 pounds. My main issue is recovery because I bust my ass in the gym...
  20. T

    which sarms to stack together?

    If you had to stack 3 sarms together for the best results when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass and cutting fat which would you use? I’m 27 years old and I’ve been training four times a week for the past two years. I would say I put on about 12 pounds total and I feel like I definitely have...
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