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Favorite cheat meals?

For me my favorite cheat meal is Lasagna, especially if my mom makes it!

Also though you have to look at your personal goals with body building. Not everyone plans to be the next Mr. Universe with their body building plan. Some of us just like the attention of being low body fat while weighing 190-240 lbs. I like the attention my build gets and I like how certain steroids make me feel, yea a little bit of an addiction here! lol But for me I like to be able to go out on Friday night with my wife, take her to a fine restaurant, eat that really fatty prime rib and garlic cheese mash potatoes then finish the night off with drinking and dancing.

We all should just realize the actual reasons we body build.
There are several cheat meal ideas that i was thinking about when it comes to bodybuilders
This is all based to what I see on their social media. they don't always just eat chicken, broccoli, and rice there are more things to their diet
I see that they eat angel food cake cuz I has no frosting for example. what about bacon? pizza? cheese? alcohol? and diet soda?
out of these which one would you think is okay for a cheat meal?

yipmanerispie said:

It's easy to assume that bodybuilders just eat chicken and broccoli all day, but there's more to their diets than that. And let's be real, sometimes you just need a cheat meal to keep yourself sane! I've seen some bodybuilders chowing down on angel food cake too - that's a pretty good choice since it's low in fat and sugar. As for bacon, pizza, and cheese... well, they're definitely not the healthiest options out there, but if you're gonna cheat, you might as well do it right, right? And as for alcohol and diet soda, I'd say they're both okay in moderation.
Myself, I usually can let myself loose a bit, since I'm living a pretty active livestyle outside of gym already(hiking/backpacking with like 10+kilo survival gear( most of it is in "light" option, but when you gotta camp for 1-2 days it's still a lot) on my back, burns a whole load of calories :D )
Cheese is probably one of the tamer options there.
Also "okay for a cheat meal" kinda defeats the purpose of cheat meal. Just go all out!
My go-to cheat meal is venison+bacon chilli with a lot of cheese on top.(usually like once every 2 months 'cause if I'd were to make it every week my progress would half after few months :D )
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