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    Top 5 best supplements for bodybuilders?

    What do you think about this list for the top five supplements for bodybuilders? you need a good protein supplement you also need a really good creatine supplement to help feed the muscles Bcaa products are also good intraworkout Pre workout you should get something to give you pumps and energy...
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    Sarms works on only skinny people?

    I am a bigger guy and hoping sarms could help me too with my muscle and also my physique I’m 5’8’’ and 220 pounds 25 years old I only see skinnier guys pushing them. Never top bodybuilders or large men On someone like me what they work good or should I stick to steroids going forward? if so...
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    Favorite cheat meals?

    There are several cheat meal ideas that i was thinking about when it comes to bodybuilders This is all based to what I see on their social media. they don't always just eat chicken, broccoli, and rice there are more things to their diet I see that they eat angel food cake cuz I has no frosting...
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    Over 40 steroid cycle?

    First off what do you think about people over 40 using steroids who have been using them for the past 20 years in terms of lowering dosing. or do you think when you're over 40 you should keep the doses the same? I know a lot of professional bodybuilders are in their early 40s and they are doing...
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    bodybuilding and fasting protocol

    what is a good fasting protocol for bodybuilders to follow? Looking to get jacked any studies that show that actual athletes fasted for long periods and had good results that I can follow ? Please share
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    How to use sarms 101

    I had some questions on using sarms that i want to get out of the way 1. what is the longest cycle of sarm's you can do? 2. are you ever too fat or skinny for them? 3. is it true that they can give tumors? 4. why don't professional bodybuilders use them if they are so good? I'm...
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    Not enough turkey, too much chicken?

    I'm wondering why so many bodybuilders and people on forums always are eating chicken but you don't hear them eating much turkey. Is chicken that much more beneficial for bodybuilding? I personally love Thanksgiving and nothing like a fresh turkey out of the oven
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    Napsgear just for pros?

    I know a lot of professional bodybuilders use napsgear and I respect that but what about the rest of us are we okay using their product or is it more we should try some of the lower quality steroids first and work our way up? I don't want to rush things and this will be the first time i’ve...
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    how do they train?

    So yesterday a bus came by and a bunch of huge bodybuilders came inside to train at the gym. They were playing around and were leaving their drinks on the benches and all that I asked the guy at the counter who they were and he said they were with a supplement company and all of them were IFBB...
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    Anything good at expos ?

    do you think those supplement Expos that give away free supplements are really any good or are the supplements they're giving away crappy products? I still didn't the line about 25 minutes to meet a couple of the guys there who were bodybuilders and I was lucky enough to get a picture. They...
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    chicken and rice all the time

    everytime I see bodybuilders posting their diets online or going to the grocery store stopping they're always getting brown rice and chicken it's like they eat that every meal lol do you guys on here do that too or is it just something that they promote online for some reason what are the...
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    How low is too low for carbs

    I was wondering about carb intake relative to what professional bodybuilders would take head of a competition. Is there going to be a difference between taking 40 grams of carbs vs. 15 or less grams of carbs. I was wondering if that little bit of a difference can make or break how I look...
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    Protein intake truth

    What is the truth behind protein intake? I see these Pro bodybuilders going to the grocery store and putting so much food in their cart. They claim that they are eating four or five hundred grams of protein a day. I've tried this myself and it drains my bank account and I end up with stomach...
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    how poor bodybuilders really eat

    I will be completely blunt I am super poor. I drive a nice car but that takes up most of my money, between that and my 1 bedroom apartment. Does not leave me much for groceries. I also feel like my metabolism is really fast where I have a hard time gaining muscle. What kind of foods and...
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    Do you know any top bodybuilders?

    Top bodybuilders Charles Atlas Charles Atlas, born as Angelo Siciliano, was the developer of a bodybuilding method and best known for a landmark advertising campaign that featured his name and likeness. He tried different forms of exercises initially and used pulley-style resistance, weights...
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    Get the best out of your diet,Eat food you like,Reach new goals, and more with Anabolic kitchen the fastest selling ef book of all time.

    Get the best out of your diet,Eat food you like,Reach new goals, and more with Anabol Every serious bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast is well aware that diet plays a major role in any serious fitness program. We all know we need food to live, but how often do we eat food that makes us...
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