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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

Update for Weds. FInally able to get back on normal schedule and hit the gym. Food back on track as well.

7am Muscle Milk

830am eggs ham cheese potatoes, onion, pepper, bacon oats milk and honey

11am MRE Shake

130pm Steak and rice

4pm steak and rice

530pm Muscle Milk

730pm MRE shake

830pm chicken and rice

Got pics of the Food

Trained Chest. First time with real weights in about 10 days. Strength was still there and felt good

CHest Press 120lbs at 25 reps
160lbs at 18 reps
180lbs at 15 reps
200lbs at 12 reps

Incline PRess 120lbs at 20 reps
160lbs at 18 reps
180lbs at 15 reps
200lbs at 8 reps drop to 120lbs 12 reps

LF chest press 160lbs 20 reps
180lbs at 20 reps

Fly Machine 160lbs at 20 reps
180lbs at 18 reps
200lbs at 15 reps
@25homes killer training and killer meals YOU SMOOTH
Back in a Groove here. Trained Bis and Tris Yesterday which I barely evr train on Thurs due to Work. The diet is staying tight too

7am Muscle Milk

830am Eggs and Rice

1030am Noodles and chicken

1pm CHicken and Rice

3pm Muscle Milk

5pm chicken and rice

700pm MRE shake

830pm shepards pie

Trained Bis and tris lots of super sets back and forth

tri pushdowns 75lbs at 25 reps
80lbs at 18 reps
90lbs at 17 reps
90lbs at 15 reps

Wide grip curls 50lbs at 20 reps
55lbs at 18 reps
60lbs at 16 reps
65lbs at 12 reps

Skull crushers 110lbs at 25reps
125lbs at 20 reps
140lbs at 16 reps
155lbs at 12 reps

Dbell Curls 45lb dbells 18 reps
45lbs 16 reps
50lbs at 14 reps
50lbs at 12 reps

Incline bench skull crusher on cable
55lbs at 25 reps
65lbs at 20 reps
75lbs at 15 reps
80lbs at 12 reps drop to 50lbs 12 reps
Preacher curls
90lbs at 20 reps
110lbs at 15 reps
125lbs at 14 reps
135lbs at 10 reps drop to 80lbs 12 reps

Pump is good. Leaned out hard with traveling. Down to 201lbs but got full 6 pack back and veins on my stomach!! Should really increase size and vascularity from here. About to pull NPP completely and drop the Tren and Drol onto the Mix within 2 weeks. Ready to get into best shape my life. Want to be 210lbs plus at 7% or less. Here some more food. Wife Told me other Night and GF about 2 weeks prior my arms and shoulders bigger than they have ever seen. SO def on track. Get some updated pics in next 10 days. Appreciate the support boys.

Big Shout OUT too Greg for supplying me with best gear on the Planet and it shows. Also Gear Head just a strait up solid stand up dude. Greatly appreciate you both and gonna smoke rest this cycle for you two and myself strait up!!

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