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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

you should show the dead dog to your other dog so he understands what's going on they will mourn just like we will
Ohh he saw it. thats why he so depressed; Keeps going back to where he was laying. Its sad. why I had to get him a new partner
@25homes get a new pup important and important to TRAIN now hard.
bro you should get a pit that's what real men have
Bro Cane eat a Pit I have had many Pits. Cane Corso is a PitBull Mixed with a Mastiff. We talking pit bull that is 150lbs bro. scary af. How many Pits you know are up past your waist he puts his paws on my shoulders and towers me!!!
Update for Weds. FInally able to get back on normal schedule and hit the gym. Food back on track as well.

7am Muscle Milk

830am eggs ham cheese potatoes, onion, pepper, bacon oats milk and honey

11am MRE Shake

130pm Steak and rice

4pm steak and rice

530pm Muscle Milk

730pm MRE shake

830pm chicken and rice

Got pics of the Food

Trained Chest. First time with real weights in about 10 days. Strength was still there and felt good

CHest Press 120lbs at 25 reps
160lbs at 18 reps
180lbs at 15 reps
200lbs at 12 reps

Incline PRess 120lbs at 20 reps
160lbs at 18 reps
180lbs at 15 reps
200lbs at 8 reps drop to 120lbs 12 reps

LF chest press 160lbs 20 reps
180lbs at 20 reps

Fly Machine 160lbs at 20 reps
180lbs at 18 reps
200lbs at 15 reps
yea all out my control. Cant control heart attacks and damn sure dont control Death. Trust me I would love not to have the problems but thats life. Not Much you can do but take care of it and move on.
You’re absolutely right
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