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Bench press routine improvements

Well a lot about your bench routine will depend on what you are lifting for. If you are lifting for 1 rep max (powerlifting) you will work out differently than you would for just a bigger chest (body Building). If you are benching 2X a week I think the best method is to hit both as that would maximize your size and strength.

Heavy day do some warm ups with just the bar for sets of ten. (This is an old powerlifting routine)
Slowly increase the weight till you are about 60% of 1 rep max doing sets of 6
Now the workout actually starts. Calculate all the following based off of current 1 rep max +5lbs

75% X 6 / 80% X 4 / 85% X 3 / 95% X 2 / 85% X 3 / 80% X 4 / 75% to failure
If you can complete this then according to the theory you should be able to add that 5 lbs to your 1 rep max. Next week add another 5 pounds to the number your using for calculations. If you fail repeat the same workout the following week. After 2 failures drop by 5 lbs.

On the second day of bench work on some close grip and some incline barbell and/or dumbbells. Personally I prefer to do my close grip on a decline bench as it is a little easier on the shoulders when racking and un-racking. During this day though you want to do 5 or more sets of 10-12 reps as your just trying to get as much blood flowing as possible.
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