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bench press

  1. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 57 - How to get better at bench press? Hardcore 57 - How to get better at bench press?
  2. H

    Bench press routine improvements

    I'm looking to improve my bench press and I put together a little routine I'm going to up my bench pressing from two times a week up to three times a week Was thinking of going tue, friday and sunday. I’m gonna do a more heavy workout on tuesday and sunday. 3x5 lifting, including flat bench...
  3. N

    Tren ace side effects

    I’m doing 50mg a day of trenbolone acetate I’m also running some test with it, not sure on dose but its like 200mg or so a week It's been 5 days on this and I still haven't had the results that I'm looking for. How long will it take for the stuff to kick in and why am I not gaining? My...
  4. M

    Proper way to bench press

    I was bench pressing the other day and someone came up to me and was making fun of me with his friend saying that I was bouncing the weight off my chest. I don't see a problem with that because I see guys on video doing it all the time. What is the purpose of bringing the bar down and pausing...
  5. W

    compound lifts to pick from

    I am new to weight training and would like to start with compound lifting I read online about a few that are good I’m 21 years old and weigh 220 pounds, body fat is around 22% which would be okay for a new guy? Bench press squats deadlifts rows
  6. K

    Is 185 pounds a good bench?

    I just hit a 185 lb on the bench press although only for two and on the second one the dude who was fighting me gave me a little nudge. Do you think this is good for someone who's been weight training for five years and weighs 200 lb, also i’ve ran a couple steroid cycles when i was younger...
  7. S

    How to build up my pectoral muscle

    I have a skinny chest and I also have a lot of problems with my elbows and they bother me when I do bench presses. So I'm wondering what is the best way to build up my chest without doing bench press, what do you guys on here who have these huge chest do and what is your secret
  8. C

    bench press routine

    I want to get stronger, right now I can only bench 135 pounds but I feel super weak when I do it. I think I used to do like 180 area years ago before I took time off. Someone said I should build consistency at a lower weight before trying to push higher, instead of trying to max out all the...
  9. Z

    who is the strongest on here?

    Who do you guys think is the stronger person on here right now and how much can you guys do with the big 3 lifts. bench press squats deadlifts let’s see who is strongest my lifts are 350, 460, 420. I think that is pretty strong but I weigh 255 pounds
  10. K

    Best bench press protocol

    I'm looking to change up my bench press routine a little bit and seeking a protocol that can help me take things to another level. What do you think I should switch my routine to right now I'm doing a single bench working set on push days. Do you think I should do 5 by 5 or 3 by 5? Also do you...
  11. A

    Innovative labs pro hormones?

    Has anyone tried any of the Innovative labs pro hormones they are selling now? I saw one called Helladrol but wasn't sure if it was the real thing. I use that years ago and had really good results, put on 10 lb and boost in my bench press by 35 lb. has anyone tried it yet it cost 60 bucks
  12. R

    How often do you max out on your bench press

    I plan on maxing out in 2 weeks because I have a buddy flying in that I haven't seen in awhile and we're going to be training together and I know that he is extremely strong so I don't want to look stupid in front of them. I've not maxed out in a long time so I'm excited to see how much I can...
  13. 2

    Question about urine test, will i pass it?

    Hello there. I do sports on competitive international level (bench press) for about 2 years, but it will be first time that probably i will have to pass urine doping test. I make this thread, because maybe someone knows how long substances i used can be found in urine. Here i will post what i...
  14. B

    Does inzer still sell the ultimate denim??

    Does inzer still sell the ultimate denim??
  15. B

    Super duper phenom help?????????:(

    Im a 275 raw bencher. Im breaking my phenom in and its not extreamly tight but its pretty damn snug, just puttin it on hickeys my arms and chest but anyways, im not even getting 30 pounds out of this damn thing, i got the collar pulled down to my sterdum and the sleeves twisted and only 30 out...
  16. B

    high volume bench training?

    i read an article online that high volume on board presses and in a bench shirt os only recommended for pro and advanced lifters and that "intermediate drug free lifters" will not make gains with high volume. to anyones knowledge for powerlifting is working in the 3 to 5 rep range for high...
  17. B

    what bench shirt to start with??????

    im pretty new to powerlifting i have been lifting raw for a little over a year but didnt start powerlifting until about four months ago. i compete in usapl and i need to know wht poly shirt to recommend. i bench 245 paused i have a big arch and a very wide grip(index finger on the rings) my...
  18. SwoleChamp

    550lb bench @205lb...Raw

  19. nouse4one

    Have you ever tried this?

    I am thinking about trying this routine defined in Tom Platz report (he swears it will add 55+lbs to my bench press). All though it sounds like wrist/shoulder injury waiting to happen. What do you guys think about this? Bench press 5 days a week for 3 weeks (*This is before you start what ever...
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