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beast/hella cycle - timing of all these damn pills!


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I posted this up at needto's forum, just thought I'd put it up here, as well...

I am 31 years old, 5'8", 180lbs., 10 years training...

The cycle I have in mind is:

1-4 Beastrol 20/30/30/30
3-6 Helladrol 100/100/100/100 (possibly increasing in later weeks)
1-6 n2guard, forged liver, bridge (double dose)

6-12 forma, Unleashed, Post Cycle, Hcgenerate

1-12 n2slin and gear throughout

My current training/eating schedule is like this, of course the times may change slightly here and there:

9:00am - wake up and take a n2slin
9:30am - syntha/oats shake
11:00am-12:30pm - train (n2kts preworkout)
12:30pm n2slin
1:00pm - whey+creatine mono, banana, chili, chicken, tilapia , multi & 3 fishoil
4:30pm - chili, chicken, tilapia, eggs (last carb meal of the day)
8:30pm - top sirloin, eggs
10:30pm - cardio
11:30pm - top sirloin, eggs, multi & 3 fishoil

This is a 50/20/30 split, about 2000 cal, 260 protein/100 carb/69 fat. I have a big cheat day once a week, but I'm trying to minimize that! I will increase in increments until I am at about 2400-2600 calories a week and possibly switch to 40/40/20 while on cycle/PCT. any other suggestions to diet?

When I start my cycle, I will drop the n2kts (unless I'm really tired to train)
So now I have to add in all the supplements listed above and am not sure how to time it.

Beastrol (2-3 each day)
I read elsewhere to take the beast when I wake up and then preworkout as well, but I think that was assuming an evening training time. So should I take the first cap of Beast when I wake (9am) or wait until preworkout (11am) and then just space the remaining doses out evenly during the day? does it matter with/without a meal?

Weeks 3 & 4: Beastrol (3 each day) and Helladrol (4-5 each day)
These are the 2 weeks the 2 will overlap, do I I take them together at the same time, spaced evenly throughout the day? or seperately?

n2guard (5 each day), forged liver (2 each day), Bridge (6 each day)
All at once? spaced evenly throughout the day? with/without a meal? before workouts? after workout?

Forma (5 pumps twice a day)
When it comes time to use this, can I apply it after my workouts/shower? so looking at the above schedule, the first application would be around 12:30pm and the second time would be around 11:00pm. Also, I shower at my gym for my 11:00am workout, so peeps will see me putting this on. is that going to attract extra attention? or do you guys just play it off like its a regular lotion? (sorry of that's a retarded question, this is my first cycle and have never used these kind of products before)

Sorry for the plethora of questions, but I really want to get everything down, so there is no guessing when it's time to pop the first pill (hopefully by next week!) Thanks for reading!
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