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Adding NPP to test prop cycle for joints


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Here's how my cycle looks
Weeks 1-8 test p 100eod
Weeks 5-8 Npp 75mg eod
Weeks 2-8 arimidex .5ml eod

Weeks 8-12 hcgenerate
Weeks 8-12 clomid 50/50/50/50
Weeks 8-12 nova 20/20/20/20

Hers my questions, I'm not using the npp for gains, I want to use it to help out my joints. Considering I'm 6 months out from knee surgery, hoping that it will help out a little. I've heard that deca also helps, but I'm already on week 2 of my test cycle and heard that npp is the same as deca just a shorter ester. So from your experiences will 75 mg eod be enough or is that too much? Also do I pin with a different syringe or can I mix them?
Both oil based so mixing is fine. I'm guessing you have NPP 100. I would just do prop 100 and NPP 100 eod or M, W and F. NPP is a short ester deca. You will get decent gains on it even at 300 a week. It will help lubricate the joints, but the strength gains is why I think that is a good stack. I did something similar last summer and will again this summer. NPP, test ace and tren ace. So, NPP and Prop a nice little combo. Good luck with it!
Thanks for the tips guys. I'm about 2 week in on my cycle and finally starting to feel the prop kick in. The npp should be here by Friday. I'll post some before and after pics. Week 4 then week 8!
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