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  1. J

    Joint mobility help

    Which supplement is going to be better than this one that I found online called joint mobility for $40? I'm looking for something that I can try and that I can keep buying on a monthly basis right now I'm dealing with some back issues. this is supposed to be really good for motion and mobility...
  2. R

    Adding NPP to test prop cycle for joints

    Here's how my cycle looks Weeks 1-8 test p 100eod Weeks 5-8 Npp 75mg eod Weeks 2-8 arimidex .5ml eod Pct Weeks 8-12 hcgenerate Weeks 8-12 clomid 50/50/50/50 Weeks 8-12 nova 20/20/20/20 Hers my questions, I'm not using the npp for gains, I want to use it to help out my joints. Considering I'm...
  3. U

    great to be back after 14 yrs BUT.... Joint/Tendon Pain

    tendon/joint pain? I'll try to keep it short but feel free to ask questions if you need more info to respond. heres my history - been bodybuilding since i was 14 - got serious at 19 started conservative cycles - competed at 23 and took the overall for my state - quit competing and off the...
  4. The Instrumentalist

    cissus for joint support. best supp?

    ive been getting nagging pain in my wrist after bench days. i've got some wraps coming which i anticipate will help support my joints better. i also type at a computer all day long as im a programmer, so my wrists are probably fucked to begin with lol. ive heard from many sources that cissus...
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