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we honestly know nothing about you
the only thing we know is what you ran and what you're planning on running please get a log going
I think that you will do great on this next cycle
make sure you are running a PCT that is high quality

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we definitely need to see a log
full pictures and documenting exactly what you're taking and what you're planning on taking
also post up pictures of the gear you're using and what source you use
that's a very important part of a log so others can see what works and what doesn't
Welcome to The Forum and you ask some great questions
let us help you and guide you going forward can you get a log Journal up so that we can comment on a daily basis
Hey, I'm just about to wrap up my 2nd ever cycle. Did 12 weeks of 400mg/ test last year and didn't PCT.

This year I'm currently on week 12/16 @ 600mg test-E/week with 300mg NPP/week starting at week 8 through to 16.

I have HCG, Nolvadex and chlomid but I'm not sure how much to take or when to be taking it.
Any advise would be awesome.

got to Ultimate PCT thread bro its a sticky
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