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Approved Log 2023 Test, Deca, Sarm cycle log

if you have to stack something in, how about some non hormonal sarms? You can use cardarine and ostarine low dose now easy with your TRT
As far as adding fat to diet. I figured I would hear that recommendation . I have trouble getting in good fats. I am supplementing with fish oils 2-3 times per day. I will probably carb cycle some also.
Gonna take a month or so off of any gear. Only keep the TRT.
Let the body reset before doing bloods. If bloods look good then I’ll do next cycle.
Meal plan going forward for awhile. Going back to what works for me.
2500 calories
35% carbs
40% protein
25% fat

Typical day.
Breakfast; 6 egg whites,
60 g oatmeal measured dry
1 serving sugar free pancake syrup

30 almonds
1 banana

1 cup brown rice
200 g chicken breast oven roasted
Broccoli or green beans
Sauce - sugar free bbq
Cherry tomatoes for look and texture.

1 whole avocado
200 g chicken breast
Cherry tomatoes
Bolt house ranch
Broccoli or green beans

Evening snack
3 chocolate Quaker rice cakes
2 tbls natural Peanut butter
2 tbls natural jelly

Might swap out some chicken so I can have a protein shake
great job man. this is a great diet
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