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weight training

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    Ronnie Coleman heavy weight training

    I’ve been hitting the gym for the past two years and I’m 24 years old. I did not have a weight training facility in high school or college as I went to a small school and we didn’t have those facilities. I did do a lot of swimming and played baseball though. Question is about the Ronnie Coleman...
  2. A

    weight training supplements simple

    just looking for a simple weight lifting supplement that will Aid in my muscle building and also recovery for afterwards don’t need anything too fancy and don’t need some over High product that doesn’t work just something that’s legitimate that I can start using today
  3. N

    Do i need legs to build upper body?

    I was reading some stuff that you need to build up your legs by building up your upper body and vice versa but I was talking to a friend of mine and he rarely ever works his legs and he's really thick upstairs his biceps are huge and he has a wide chest he says he only does his legs once every 2...
  4. V

    Hurt back while painting

    I ended up painting my ceiling and in the process I ended up hurting my back this really sucks because I was looking forward to doing a weight training session and when I went to lift weights I felt something pop in my back I'm going to take a week off and see where I am but during that week I...
  5. G

    Mixing cardio and steroids female help

    I don't just do weight training like most guys I like to do also a lot of cardio. I’m 5’3’’ 132 pounds I’m now in my 30’s and want to take things to the next level just like most my age I know they are good for weights but when it comes to steroid use how will they affect me when it...
  6. M

    Creatine yay or nay

    I was wondering if creatine was good for somebody who is new to weight training I just got into it a few weeks ago. my friend said that creatine was too strong for me because I just started my fitness journey and he said I should wait a year. What is your opinion on this and is creatine a...
  7. R

    how to make my heart stronger via weights

    I want to get my heart stronger using weight training to my advantage someone at the gym said that I should do high reps to failure with lower weights, he said that will help right now my heart rate is very high, in the 80’s resting heart rate
  8. C

    Getting pumps in the gym

    what supplements can help me get pumps in the gym also do you think that getting pumps is important to my workouts or is it okay if I don't get them. I have not been getting them as much as I would like lately I'm in my twenties and I'm learning about weight training so any advice is helpful
  9. J

    Weekly schedule thoughts

    so here is what I am planning for the next month. I want it kind of do a schedule to keep me honest when I go and work out I was thinking that I would do Monday Wednesday and Friday weight training Tuesday and Thursday cardio then Saturday an alternate weight training and cardio back and forth...
  10. B

    no progress being made

    I have been weight training for 2 months and no progress is being made I will admit I have no clue what I am doing even though I thought I did I just go to the gym and pick out the most jacked person I see and then follow them around copying what they do. It isn’t working for me. Any tips?
  11. B

    worried about my grandson lifting weights

    my grandson is about 14 years old turning fifteen soon he has got into weight training and is doing it in his school I'm not a fan of him doing it and I think it's dangerous for kids that age to weight train because it can stunt their growth can you give me some reassurance that...
  12. B

    Using sarms to speed up recovery

    I'm coming off a nasty shoulder injury where my shoulder got blown apart during bench press. The doctor said I was lucky that the damage wasn't worse but he recommended I not weight training for a few months. I'm itching to come back with sarms help this recovery with shoulder problem
  13. K

    Is 185 pounds a good bench?

    I just hit a 185 lb on the bench press although only for two and on the second one the dude who was fighting me gave me a little nudge. Do you think this is good for someone who's been weight training for five years and weighs 200 lb, also i’ve ran a couple steroid cycles when i was younger...
  14. D

    best products for newbies

    what are the best supplements for a newbie like me to use who has only been weight training a few weeks and is fresh off the boat. I am 21 years old and looking to get some improvements, my diet is already improved I stopped eating pizza and soda. Now I just need to learn some supplements you...
  15. W

    Best supplements for runners

    I am in my early 50s and I'm very active with running and weight training. I am doing a marathon in a couple months and I'm starting to train for it. Is there any supplements that you would recommend for runners who need help with recovery from our long runs. Don't want to take anything illegal
  16. N

    quick results After years off

    can someone explain something to me. I'm not new to weight training and I had put in 15 years. I also put up some impressive lifts going up over 550 lbs and squats. I stopped working out for 10 years due to a marriage divorce and raising kids as a single father. Now I'm back in the gym and I'm...
  17. K

    Breaking in as a personal trainer

    I wanted to get a discussion going on about personal training and weight lifting programs that I am setting up at the gym. Right now my gym charges me a huge rake and wants me to stick to a script and a weight training program for clients. I want to be more independent, because I have my own...
  18. C

    My first anavar cycle

    I'm 22 years old 135 5 foot 7 Female I'm running my first anavar cycle which will be 6 weeks. My training right now is running 30 minutes a day along with basic weight training. I eat a lot of healthy foods and I'm looking to cut up while keeping muscle. I'm going to do 10 mg a day oh, any final...
  19. J

    How to eat before training

    how do you usually eat before weight training. I just wanted to get some clarity on the subject. can you give me some ideas for what you're eating, but also how far away from your workout do you eat. Is 1 hour good or should I do it a full 2 hours before end you drown down a shake on your way to...
  20. J

    best supplement stack

    I'm looking to hear from you guys on what the best supplement stack is for those of us trying to gain muscle. I'm a skinny dweeb and I weigh about 125 lb. I'm going to start weight training and I'm 21 years old. can you give me three or four supplements that you recommend I take and best place...
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