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    lets talk about trenbolone

    trenbolone is a steroid that I have had my eye on for the past five years since I started using steroids I’m currently 33 years old and I am 5 foot 6 and I fluctuate from about 180 pounds up to 195 pounds my goal is to get stronger and try to get over 200 pounds while keeping my body fat at 15...
  2. Z

    Different in trenbolone dose?

    Can you give me some sort of ranking or idea of the different tren doses you have experienced and the changes in side effects? My first cycle with tren i did tren ace and i ran 350mgs per week. Had very strong side effects Next cycle i did 200mgs and had less sides but also less results I’m...
  3. G

    Heavy set guy and steroid help

    Currently 284 lb and 6 ft 5 in I would describe my body as heavy set not sure on body fat. I'm a big biker dude that you don't want to run into I'll put it that way I'm looking to use steroids to get stronger which steroid would you recommend for me if you had to choose between sustanon and...
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    Trenbolone with primo a waste?

    I’m currently training 5x per week for about 45 minutes per session. Following the classic 5 day split routine. I also do 10 minutes of cardio post workout Looking to boost my performance and strength/gains. 40 yrs old, 5’9’’ 182lbs What do you think about a stack that includes primobolan with...
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    Best steroid stack for heavier guy looking for strength?

    I am a heavier guy I weigh around 245 lb and I'm about 20% body fat. I'm looking to use steroids not for Aesthetics but for strength there are guys in my gym who are far fatter than me who are on steroids and they do just fine I'm 48 years old and don't care about having a six pack. do you think...
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    PuritySourceLabs puritysourcelabs huge gains

    wanted to bulk up with psl. Ordered their testosterone, trenbolone and equipoise. Injecting that much gear was a bit of a pain but the gear was good to go, also experienced a lot of changes in strength. Overall i give it a high mark. nothing but the best. communication was fine they responded in...
  7. JimAbs43 545 - Why some LOVE trenbolone 545 - Why some LOVE trenbolone
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    EQ works good with which steroid?

    36 years old endurance athlete turned bodybuilder 5 ft 10 in and 188 lb I'm looking to get more into bodybuilding and increase my weight training along the way I'm thinking of using around 4 to 600 mg a week of equipoise which steroid would work best with it if I had to choose between...
  9. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #11 - Pharmacom - Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone Hardcore 2.0 #11 - Pharmacom - Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone
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    How best to use proviron in a cycle?

    I'm debating my next cycle and it's going to be either trenbolone + testosterone Or testosterone + equipoise Not sure yet cause i am still in the process of cutting down. I'm currently 18% body fat but won't start the cycle until I'm below 15% I'm 48 years old and I am 6'1 in 217 lb my question...
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    Napsgear trenbolone cycle opinions

    I’m gonna be ordering another cycle from napsgear which is my go to source Its going to be a trenbolone cycle and its my 2nd time using I would like to be a little more aggressive this time and run 400mgs a week of it and go with their enanthate What would be the best thing to stack along with...
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    2 grams of gear per week?

    26 years old 218 lb 18% body fat I have done about three or four steroid cycles so far I'm looking to do something more aggressive and do two grams per week A lot of my friends are already doing it my plan is a thousand milligrams of testosterone and a thousand milligrams of trenbolone together...
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    Short cycle 6 weeks or 8 weeks?

    what is the shortest injectable cycle you can do if I had to choose between 6 weeks and 8 weeks? my plan is to stack trenbolone acetate, masteron propionate and testosterone propionate I wanted to use 50mgs of each per day. That would come out to 350mgs total per week I'm 28 years old, I played...
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    My domestic supply (mostly positive) experience

    I ordered from domestic supply 2 things Equipoise and trenbolone. Decided to stack them together, heard good things about this stack from friends I did 200 mg of the trend and 500mgs of the equipoise and had good results for 10 weeks. Went from 208 to 216 and leaned up nicely. I’m 37 years old...
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    Trying a larger cycle

    Never did more than 1000mgs a week of gear But this time i came into some inheritance and want to run more My goals are getting swole I’m 5’10’’ 28 years old and 180 pounds My cycle will look like this: 6iu’s hgh per day 1200mgs a week testosterone enanthate 1000mgs a week masteron enanthate...
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    2 steroid stack thoughts

    Here is my next steroid run I’m 50 years old 6’1’’ 220 pounds Trenbolone enanthate 200mgs a week Testosterone propionate 150mgs a week Gonna be a nice conservative tren run My questions are twofold first should I run this 8 weeks or should I push it up to 12 weeks? my next question is would this...
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    Best steroid stack for rock hard pumps

    I’m searching for the best steroid cycle for rock hard pumps I’m narrowed the steroids for the best pumps down to a few Trenbolone Masteron Winstrol And dianabol How can i stack those above for maximum effects? I’m 33 years old. 6’1’’ 189 pounds and doing a lot of high rep lifts
  18. JimAbs43 Hardcore 26 - Oral trenbolone and Clenbuterol PreContest Stacked Hardcore 26 - Oral trenbolone and Clenbuterol PreContest Stacked
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    Strength stack i found

    Check out this strength stack and tell me what you think 500mgs a week testosterone 500mgs a week trenbolone enanthate 10mgs a day halotestin 4 weeks Then 20mgs a day superdrol 4 weeks I’m 25 years old 5’6’’ Powerlifting for 8 years
  20. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #7 - Trenbolone and Orals to bulk - Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #7 - Trenbolone and Orals to bulk - Euro Pharmacies
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