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  1. H

    Training and diet to be improved then steroids!

    I'm not going to use steroids until I get my training and nutrition on the right track 100% And I get my body fat down. currently I'm around 18% so I'd like to get it down to 13 or 14% currently 27 years old 5 ft 9 in and 80 kg I have been training in the gym for about 3 years was brainstorming...
  2. JimAbs43

    Podcast 542 - The mind of champions,can you use their habits to make YOU better 542 - The mind of champions,can you use their habits to make YOU better
  3. K

    Back pain while training?

    Hey hi I had a quick question. I was doing some behind the back pulleys at the gym and when I use the close grip t bar I noticed I start getting a lot of pain in my lower back when I switch it to more of a wide grip the pain isn't as pronounced. what do you think is causing the issue and is...
  4. D

    Building up my upper body

    I'm a short and stocky guy. played a lot of soccer when I was growing up and built up some very strong legs. my thighs and quads especially are huge so I have no issues building those up the problem for me has been my upper body. I have a tiny chest and Tiny shoulders as well. I also have skinny...
  5. C

    5 day split and fatigue

    currently doing a 5-day split but I'm dealing with a lot of fatigue soreness has been an issue and I'm finding an overlap with certain muscle groups when it comes to proper recovery. What would you change? My layout right now has been for 6 weeks Day 1. Legs Day 2. Push Day 3 rest Day 4 pull Day...
  6. H

    Bench press routine improvements

    I'm looking to improve my bench press and I put together a little routine I'm going to up my bench pressing from two times a week up to three times a week Was thinking of going tue, friday and sunday. I’m gonna do a more heavy workout on tuesday and sunday. 3x5 lifting, including flat bench...
  7. Topps_Baseball88

    Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

    For context before I start at the bottom of this are photos of what I looked like after 8 years of hard training other then over the counter supplements I used nothing else I built my base the correct way. Trt didn't come into the picture till I was in my 30s what you see with these photos is...
  8. E

    100 situps a day?

    I got myself an inversion table online which cost about $180. one of the ways I can use it is I can get on it and then do sit-ups have been doing about 25 to 40 sit-ups every morning as my routine I'm trying to work my way up to do a lot more. A buddy of mine says he does 100 sit-ups a day and...
  9. U

    Would love to bulk up with sarms

    I’m looking to bulk up and want some advice on doing that Very modest stats I have. I'm only 5'10 and 148 lb I think I have a lot of room to grow. I'm 22 years old and I have been weight training for around 6 months All my friends use steroids. I would like to use them as well but I want to wait...
  10. K

    Old school training for hours on end?

    Was looking at some videos online and the guys were talking about how things were so different back in the day. and how back then guys actually work for it when guys today want everything handed to them curious what your views are on this. one guy was saying that in the seventies guys like...
  11. S

    Proper amount of taurine for training

    I am doing dianabol and my gosh my calf pumps are crazy. I cannot even do cardio without having to jump off the treadmill and lay on the ground in pain cause my calves feel like they are gonna pop open lol. What is the amount of taurine that a bodybuilder should be using pre workout to prevent...
  12. S

    Help with my workout routine

    My split workouts just aren’t working anymore. I'm currently doing a 4-day split but I think I should change it to 5 days what do you think? I was reading some of the things that professionals are doing and came across a good one online Monday: chest Tuesday: arms Wednesday: cardio and legs...
  13. E

    Planning on improving my legs

    I would like to get my legs improved because everyone says I have chicken legs and it's making me very upset when they make fun of me I have some ideas for the best calf workouts I was thinking of doing three sets of farmers carry, bent knee calf raises, single leg calf raises, jump rope...
  14. L

    Bicep curl tips and tricks

    I recently read a trick when it comes to doing dumbbell bicep curls where you should face your palm upward and then when you slowly curl you bend your elbow and keep your elbow close to the body instead of away I noticed that the gym a lot of people don't follow that. do you think they're making...
  15. JimAbs43

    Podcast 529 - 5X5 program vs split routine variations 529 - 5X5 program vs split routine variations
  16. S

    Wasting my time with creatine?

    I have been using creatine for the past year and haven't seen much results at all I was wondering what kind of training program would you recommend for someone who is trying to get bigger and faster who is using creatine. Someone told me that you have to do that and mix them both
  17. R

    Hugh jackman workout routine

    I have stalled on my current workout routine Looking to try the jackman workout the first 3 weeks you're starting out at 60% and then working our way up to 70% on the first set. the last set you go up to 90% Then on week 4 you Cut your percentages down by 30% Can someone explain to me the...
  18. R

    Question on 5X5 fatigue %

    I had a question on doing 5x5 program and how much fatigue % i should be aiming for I am doing around 60-70% weight on the bar and doing between 70-80% relative weight Should my fatigue % rise on each set or drop lower to do it properly? Someone at the gym said it should go down and i should...
  19. C

    Beginner workout program

    I'm looking into doing circuit training we have a nice gym area for that and a lot of people do it and we all push each other pretty good I'm currently on a program where I start out with squats then I do push ups, lunges, planks, and then finish out with jumping jacks for about 3 minutes do...
  20. C

    French press lift?

    I first heard about french presses reading online Sounds like something stupid to me. Can anyone explain what that is and is it something to train your shoulders or arms or what? Do you ever do it. Seems like you never heard of it
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