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    Cutting down and growing from steroids

    I'm not the tallest guy in the world I'm only 5 ft 5 in but I am pretty stocky and I have thick legs I'm about 195 lb my body fat is near 20% but I'm trying to cut down I would like to try steroids to help me keep my muscle mass. I'm 32 years old I've been training for about 6 years what...
  2. V

    how to get rock hard abs

    looking for some advice on improving my abs they are super fluffy as it is I have a lean look but abs just don’t pop like I was hoping yet
  3. A

    How many days per week should you weight lift?

    It is a pretty simple question but there is so many opinions out there that I'm trying to see what your thoughts are How many days a week should we be lifting weights?
  4. V

    How often do you max out?

    I was in the gym the other day and talking to a friend about this and he likes To max out at least once a week and see how strong he is I'm in my forties and I'm worried that if I was to try that I could get injured. What do you think about doing that and do you think it's okay to push the...
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    Anyone heard of 10x10 training?

    Has anyone ever heard of this 10x10 training that my cousin recommended i try So basically on bench day you would just do 10 sets of 10 and the 10th rep would be close to failure each time Same goes on arm day or back day etc. just picking 1 compound lift and doing it
  6. JimAbs43 500 - The Big 500 episode - anniversary! Thank you guys 500 - The Big 500 episode - anniversary! Thank you guys
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    personal trainer put me on this program

    my personal trainer wants me to do a split routines. he has me doing it like this: push pull legs abs/misc also has me doing 25 sets per session 12 reps I am a newbie to weight training and think its too much for me but wanted your opinions. I’m paying this guy $80 per session
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    shoulder help recommendations

    my shoulders are looking lean compared to my chest I was wondering what I was doing wrong I’m doing 5 sets flat bench, 4 sets incline, and 2 sets military on chest/shoulder day why aren’t my shoulders growing? Should I start doing flies?
  9. J

    training harder with supp help

    I’m gonna start training harder from now on been watching some motivational videos and I’m pumped up currently I do 15 sets per day and I want to raise it to 25 sets instead which supplement can help me recover
  10. W

    I want to be ripped

    Not interested in using PED’s I want to get ripped like i see in those magazines What are the workouts that i can use to get that way Does it take doing 1 hour of abs everyday lol or is there some other thing to do
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    Nutrobal results to expect

    I am doing nutrobal mk677 and I’m on week 2 and not seeing much yet What kind of Results should I expect on this stuff I'm doing 25 mg a day also should I stack anything with it? 22 years old training for 2 years 5 ft 8 80 kg
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    Steroid side effects for females

    I’m worried about using steroids and the possible side effects as a female Can you name what i could be exposed to? I’m 28 years old and have reached a plateau in my training, is it time for me to start using them? I know some friends who are on them, mostly guys though
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    Deloading? How often should i do it?

    My deloading schedule is like this: Every 2 weeks I deload and take an extra day off and the day i come back i do half the sets and reps With that said how would you adjust this for someone dealing with some joint and nagging injuries? I’m 55 years old and been training for about 25 years
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    The art of weight training

    What is the secret to weight training for maximum results and benefits? Do you think it has more to do with intensity of your workouts or is it more to do with intermediate-term progression where you are training your body that way?
  15. F

    training like a professional

    why is it that normal people cannot or should not train like the pros? Is it because we don’t have the same genes or is it because we don’t have enough experience? I wanted to copy what a pro was doing online and my friend who is a competitor said that I shouldn’t. He said I should make my own...
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    training abs and calves daily?

    Someone wrote that you can train the calves and abs daily just wondering what you thought of this and if it was true I’m starting a new training program and I plan on training legs and upper body 2x per week I can train daily if need be I want to get an 8 pack that is my goal
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    Napsgear story and cycle

    Just wanted to share my napsgear story I was working out in the middle of the heat outside when i started to realize how good this gear was. While others that I was training with were quitting and going and sitting in the shade to hydrate I was still kicking ass. we did a boot camp workout...
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    24 hour on and 48 hour off work

    Just started working as a firefighter my schedule is 24 hours on followed by 2 days off I can't wrap my head around the schedule yet the people I work with said that it takes time to adjust I'm used to training just about every day or every other day, most of the guys i work with go out...
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    What is 5x5 program ?

    I was curious if you can explain to me what does the five-by-five program mean? and don't tell me to look it up because I did and there's about a hundred different explanations for it. I'm looking for the actual workout program and also what would be your opinion on somebody doing this who is...
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    Females on steroids and workouts

    What do you think about females using steroids and then doing only 2x a week weight training? I like to do other things like yoga, pilates, and dancing would steroids also benefit those other things or are they just for females who are weight training all the time
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