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  1. H

    Test Tren Stack.... THOUGHTS/Advice

    Stats- Age- 23 Weight- 200 Height- 6.3 BF- 12% BMI- 24.5% 2nd cycle. Training- 3 years consistent training Supps- Karbolyn, casein protein, whey protein, bcaa. Diet- Morning- cup of oatmeal, one whole egg and 2 egg whites Snack- giant natural peanut butter/jelly and fruit Lunch- turkey, lean...
  2. Phantom001

    half way through 1st cycle and looking to switch it up

    stats 37 yrs old test level at 396 prior to start but like an idiot I only had test panel done, will not make that mistake again 6"1 started cycle at 230 20 ish BF running test p only ED 100mg since 04/19/2013 for 8 weeks back in the gym 40 days prior to start of cycle coming off no lifting...
  3. N

    First Cycle Log

    Male, mid-20s 5'9" 180lb ~ 6%bf 3300+ calories daily (schedule willing) Diet is on point :chomp: Several years of training Running USPharm Sust350 for 10 weeks This being the first cycle, running 350mg/week Half Monday, Half Friday The month the cycle begins will also be month 5 on running...
  4. D


    Hey all, How much T3 and clen do you Think I should be using with 750mg test EW and 80mg var ED without going catabolic? And how much should my cal deficit be with these drugs/doses? And how much ECA should I use when off clen? Planning on doing 1 week on 1 week off with clen.. Thanks in advance!
  5. Evillemon

    Need a bit of help ! ne1 in North London or near Herts ??

    Is there anyone else near to me in North London / Hertfordshire !? have come up against a bit of a major b@lls up and need a bit of assistance ! any help would be deseperatly welcomed if you are nearby give me a PM or txt on 07719196684 cheers lads tim
  6. yousif_ashkanani

    Second Cycle. Need Some Opinions.

    hi guys. iam new. and my english is not that good. so :) Height : 187cm Weight : i was 80kg but now 75kg :/ BF : i dont know but it was good. age : 22 i just finished my PCT for my 1st cycle. it was so disappointing no sides and few good things. i lost weight :/ 5kg maybe some fat too. and...
  7. B

    How are my testosterone levels back to normal already???

    I took my blood test last week, which was on my 3rd week of pct. My doctor said my test levels were in the normal range today. 3 weeks into pct and im back to normal?? My cycle was 7 months of test 500mg/wk and the last 2 months i did 500 mg of deca/wk. So, my question is how on earth is my...
  8. A

    First Test and Var Cycle Log

    Going on my first test + var cycle. On this cycle I will be taking 2ml Test E per week and this is how my cycle currently looks: Weeks 1-6: 2ml test e per week
 Weeks 7-8: 2ml test e per week with 50mg var each day Week 9: 1.5ml test with 50mg var each day Week 10: 1ml test with 50mg var each...
  9. G

    first cycle - test, dbol, anavar, pct

    Hey guys new the the website, heres a bit about me age:24 Height: 6 1` weight: 200 BF: 10-12% Ive been working out on and off for about 5 years now and really hard for the last year and a half. I have had solid gains and really enjoy being at the gym. Have my diet pretty dialled in and am...
  10. C

    Beast Cycle adding Test C late??

    I am currently 1 week into a 4 week cycle of Beastdrol. This is my first beast cycle and have heard that weeks 3&4 are pretty rough. I have now been given 2 vials of Test C from a friend who has a HRT prescription. I am considering running the test for the final 2 weeks. Does anyone have any...
  11. U

    TEST 400/ DECCA 300/ DBOL - Advise Please

    I have taken many cycles in the past. kept very little although from my last cycle of sus, tren, var, and tbol i had kept some good lean muscle. i have been out of the gym for all of February but am going back to my routine of 3-4 days of weight lifting with 2-3 days of Muay Thai a week. my...
  12. F

    14 week Test cyp 500mgs cycle, need help!!!

    12 week Test cyp 250mgs cycle, need help!!! starting my test cyp cycle in a week or so. want peoples advise on the cycle. (250mgs about every 4 days) wut shud my dosage b? Have 2 10ml viles. going to run liquidex during to keep bloat down and arimidex for PCT. Hows it sound? should i get...
  13. H

    Cycle help test/pep/sarms

    Hey guys first post long time browser. Let me start with stats diet and current goals. 6'1 210 lbs 37 yo have worked out for last 10 years and run adventure races and i want to cut weight, but seems as i get older the harder it gets. I recently lost 20lbs and am now down to 14% bf...
  14. G

    Beginner Test-C cycle

    Hello everyone, I am posting after doing plenty of research and have what I believe to be a very good beginner test-c cycle. Would just love some feedback on whether it looks good or if any changes should be made. First, here are my stats. 25 6' 4" 225 lbs Been lifting for about 2.5 years...
  15. T

    pct helppppp!!!!!

    ok so im 22 weighing at 236lb and 5'11" i ran a 10 wk test e cycle in the past right now im running a new cycle wk 1-10 sustanon 250 mon&thurs 500mg total a week wk 1-10 deca 200 mon&thurs 400mg total a week wk 11-16 tren ace 100 1cc eod wk 13-16 masteron 100 1cc eod wk 13-16 anavar...
  16. G

    Test C, Winstrol 3rd Cycle Help

    Hey guys, was wondering about your input on my cycle testosterone cypionate- 500mg per week Winstrol - 50mg tabs ed last 4 weeks of cycle ? Something good to go along with the bloat during cycle? PCT: 500IU's of HCG everyday for 10 days leading up to 4 days before start of Nolva at...
  17. M

    how does this look?

    age: 35 height: 6'2" weight: 250 bf: 12% 20 years lifting. used test and deca 10 years ago. i would say that i am gyno prone. going back on forth with tren. was thinking would make the cycle more potent since test mg's are pretty conservative for my size. w 1-10 test p eod 75mg w 1-10...
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