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I am 6'3 tall and lean 163LBs looking to get to 180-185 . I can dunk and have seen growth in my atheltic abilities. Just wanted to know what steriod I could take to help me reach my goal. I will also be combining it with a nutrition plan & supplements.
Age before advice please? It's required here
Double rations. You need to eat, eat and eat some more. You are far to thin to just jump on the train. The big lifts are what you need and to get serious about ur training and nutrition now, not later.
I am willing to bet you can do it all with diet. It becomes all that much harder because it sounds like you are training for basketball, but it is possible. Post up your current diet along with your age and we can give you helpful feedback.
Agreed, if you play basketball a lot you are doing a ton of cardio....I'd like to see yiur diet as well...

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