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Quality muscle/ hardness


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Hi Guys, I am an endo-meso body type - I weigh around 205lbs/93kg , tall 5ft 10 and have 12-13% bodyfat.
I do not hold too much bodyfat however I lack muscle roundness and vascularity .

My diet consists of the classic bodybuilding "clean food".

Have any of you guys tried masteron/winstrol cycle and clen? I heared it is a very good cycle for definition/hardness.?

I am planning this cycle:

week1&2 masteron 300mg clen only
week3-week10 masteron proponiate 300mg winstrol 50mg everyday and test cyp 250mg a week

I will cycle clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

pct: nolva

Before you flame me :) , I will start the first two weeks with no test to get that hardness and from week 3 onwards i hope that my muscles will fill nicely with the test. I do not want to go test crazy this is not my first or second cycle i have experience with previous ones when i go above 500 mgs of test i get big but when I pass the 6 weeks mark I get bloated. and please for those who says that to take masteron if youre below 10% i do not agree with your view at least not in my experience.
Those are really low doses but if you are new to this then better low than high. I would use test prop since it has the lowest water retention with the exception of test base in suspension. Masteron works a little like primo but at a lower cost.
Some guys can look vascular even at say 15% bf. You need to get leaner to increase your vascularity (other factors come into play too). This is mainly about diet and the drugs will do very little if you are not eating right. But sure mast is a great drug to increase hardness. No need to run it for 2 weeks before the test. I know guys who have run mast only with great results. However for you I would recommend running test with the mast from the start. Can you inject ed? Use slin pins in your arms and delts... so easy and will minimize possible side effects. Boldenone (Eq) is great for vascularity too as it increase red blood count. Test and mast would be fine at say 20mg test p and 40mg mast p ed. But I would strongly recommend for your goals to add 400mg bold per week to your stack. Run the clen 2 weeks on and off as planned... don't go too high in dose. Forgot to mention add the winny in for the last 6 weeks of your cycle.

What does a typical days food look like?
You are going to need to run the mast at least 400 ew to see the benefit and 600 is we're the magic starts
You are going to need to run the mast at least 400 ew to see the benefit and 600 is we're the magic starts

40mg mast p ed does great for me. I know a guy who ran 2 grams of mast alone and said he has never been harder and more vascular in his life :biggrin: That would fuck me up though... even on 40mg ed when I go the toilet it takes about 5 mins to pee as it dribbles at the end for an eternity :(
Personally mast should be run at 10% bf or lower to see it work well in my opinion

It's really a low bf compound .. U really see it work its magic lower that 10%
I think if I loose a bit more bf before u hit that mast p will really enjoy the results
Yea lets see the diet

The typical clean bb foods ;)

They can be clean but are the dialed in ?!?!! :)
Thanks guys thats what I tghout that the mast dose is too low I will increase it to 400 or 600. Another dilemma I have is whether to use winstrol 50mg or var 60mg? Some says that winstrol works wonders with masteron. Personally I tried var before and I liked its results it helped to burn that stubborn midsection fat.

I do not consider boldenon since its a long ester and it takes about 12 to 14 weeks to see its full results this is based on what I've read not through experience
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