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Getting in best shape of my life


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I think this is probably the best time to get in shape right now with everything coming back I wanna be in the best shape of my life coming up for the summer . I am open to all suggestions from you on how to get the most efficient workouts whether it be weight training cardio whatever . I wanna basically look like I'm in good shape that's that's what I want
Diet is important, mainly fasting for at least 20 hours per day start there
bro fasting the way to go. try eat in 2-4 hour window. i do that everyday. i do morning cardio, fast all day then do weights in evening, then eat dinner after. i stay shred year round easy
Get a good diet and training program locked in. That will make the biggest changes to start than anything else
90% of results are diet. Try different fasting techniques and focus on eating good quality food. Eliminate processed garbage.
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