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    How to boost protein conversion and lower shbg

    I am doing a lot of reading online and it seems to be generally accepted that you need to increase the amount of protein you're taking in to build muscle and you also have to decrease SHBG in the body too to allow growth With that said which supplement will do the best job of doing both?
  2. J

    How to bulk with LGD properly

    37 years old and I weigh 85 kg and I'm 6 ft 5 in I think I can put on 5 to 10 kg over the next year or so but I want to do it correctly and keep my body fat low How much lgd4033 would you recommend for me and what would you stack with it? I'm also eating in a caloric surplus of about 300...
  3. K

    Six pack protein smoothie

    what do you think about the company called pressed Barry’s protein smoothie 6 pack it contains six ready to drink blends. two chocolate banana protein, two tropical protein, and two recovery smoothies so really you can take this in between meals and you won't lose your muscles. it only cost $30...
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    Protein, protein, and more protein!

    I'm looking to increase the amount of protein that I'm getting I purchased three products and I would like your opinion on them Nature's Blend dietary supplement chewable protein tablets honey flavor Impact whey protein which is $32 and is a vegetarian option which contains Whey concentrate Body...
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    Sarms and protein changes

    I’m getting ready to try my first sarms cycle I ordered lgd4033 and want to run 2 bottles 10-20mgs a day Also want to try gw501516 20mgs a day Looking to use sarms with protein intake though. Want to increase it to 2x my body weight I’m currently 210 pounds, so getting it up to 430 grams of...
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    pro7EIN synthesis

    Has anyone heard of this stuff? Its called pro7ein synthesis and its a protein powder product. it's got 34 G of protein, 2 G of carbs, only one gram of fat and it's gluten free it's slow digesting protein so that you can take it before bed and it will really help you rebuild muscle and all that...
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    Do i need fiber or probiotics?

    So let me explain what my symptoms are and you guys can give me your recommendations for supplements to take Whenever i eat something that has either wheat or dairy i start feeling bloated I also get constipated when i eat a big portion of meat, especially red meat. this started happening when I...
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    Cottage cheese Superior to protein powder?

    I didn't have any milk left so I decided to mix in some cottage cheese instead that belong to my wife. she's a big into body building too and loves cottage cheese anyway I found mixing in the cheese with my protein powder actually tasted really good especially when you added some fruit to it. I...
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    Protein in a pill true or false?

    I'm currently getting around 150 to 160 g of protein per day from the online calculators I've seen I really need to be getting Closer to 250 or even 300 if I really want to start building muscle I was wondering if I could purchase some protein pills and get in the extra protein that way. I...
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    Best protein flavor

    I'm looking for the best protein powder flavors that you recommend I’m looking to get something like mint chocolate chip. That is one of my favorites I’m currently in rough shape, need to lose some fat
  11. T

    Protein puffs twin peaks

    Check out this product i just found online Twin Peaks low carb and keto friendly protein Puffs which have nacho cheese flavor it's 300 G with 21 grams of protein in only 2 G of carbs They are super addictive I love this stuff you should try out
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    Bodybuilder dinner post workout?

    wanted to ask you about a good bodybuilding dinner to do after i come home from the gym I was going to grill a nice steak, brown rice and broccoli. And then after drink a protein shake Would this be a good plan?
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    What do you think about this diet?

    I want to bulk up and get stronger 8am: 6 eggs 9am: workout 10am: yogurt 12pm: salad and chicken 2pm: protein shake 4pm: cardio 5pm: steak dinner, potatoes
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    supplement stack thoughts

    here is my supplement stack I am currently doing what do you think about it? Whey protein powder 2 scoops 2x per day creatine 5000mgs per day multi vitamin 3 caps per day
  15. D

    creatine vs. Whey?

    I had a question on what was better between using creatine or whey protein pre workout? And during workout let’s say I go about an hour and then after I want to take something else what would I take post to help feed me?
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    Anyone try impact whey protein?

    I was looking at buying MyProtein brand impact chocolate or cookies and cream Looking through the ingredients I'm not really sure what to make of it. There's a lot of things in each of the products like sucralose, and artificial flavors They claim its good for you though. Your thoughts?
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    Wasting money on supps

    I feel like I've been wasting too much money on supplements lately I’m currently spending around $200 a month I am using protein powder, test boosters, stims and pre workouts What can i cut out?
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    Protein boost diet?

    not sure if you would call this a protein diet or a carnivore diet but I want to try it for the next month. Its gonna be chicken breast, brown rice, steak, beef, and some sliced turkey how much protein do you think would be the maximum I would need on the sort of diet per day
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    Pea protein worth a shot?

    I absolutely cannot handle whey protein powder it doesn't number on my stomach and gives me diarrhea I was wondering if pea protein was worth it I was reading and heard it tastes terrible
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    how do you eat so much protein?

    I had a question about protein consumption a lot of guys say you need 400-500g per day my question is can you layout your daily schedule with how much protein you are getting I eat a lot of meat, 3-4x per day and I’m still falling short even with a protein shake
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