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    test and primo stack

    32 years old never used primobolan before 5’8’’ 185 pounds 12% body fat want lean muscle mass this time with low sides should I do 500mgs primo and 250 test? Or should I do opposite? How long do you need to use primo
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    Would i be okay with no AI here?

    40 5’9’’ 164lb 15% bf my first two cycles I did not run any anti-estrogen I managed to get away with it to some degree but I also had a lot of excess water retention and bloat This time i want to try doing 1000mgs testosterone and 1000mgs primobolan What is the length of cycle i should do...
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    Conservative cycle

    34 years old, 77kg, 5’9’’ 5th cycle Want to run something more safe this time What do you think about trying primobolan with masteron? Would these two stack well together if i tried 500mgs each?
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    3 stack geneza cycle

    check out my upcoming geneza pharma GP brand cycle! I am gonna use testsoterone enanthate + equipoise + Primobolan I’m gonna try 500mgs of each this will be my biggest cycle yet. Anyone try this stack from geneza? My last one I did from them I gained like 15 pounds
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    Equipoise with primo

    looking to stack in 500mgs equipoise a week 500mgs of primobolan a week what are the best dosages of testosterone to add to this if I want to go that route I’m 39 6’1’’ 234 pounds 16% bf
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    6 years of steroids and disappointed

    I've been using steroids off and on for the past 6 years and overall I've been disappointed at the results have been getting. I'm not sure if my genetics are just bad or if I'm not running them correctly Here is my last cycle: Testosterone 250mgs a week Primobolan 500mgs a week Didn’t really...
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    Naspgear is excellent

    my last cycle went amazingly well. Just want to let them know to keep up the good work I am going to get back on the napsgear train what are some of the best steroids out there that you recommend I try that napsgear sells I’ve already tried their testosterone and primobolan
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    How to stack ancillaries?

    Here is my cycle and stats: 500mgs a week testosterone enanthate 400mgs a week primobolan 20mgs a day dianabol dbol 5’11’’ 188 pounds 17% body fat, 27 years old This is my first cycle and i don’t plan on doing another for 2-3 years. What do i need with this?
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    Napsgear primo and anavar

    I would like to run both steroids anavar and primobolan but I'm scared to death to get fake product. Saw on a show that these are two of the most fake steroids out there can you give me some insight into the quality of napsgear, do I have anything to worry about
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    How much test in this cycle for recomp?

    32 years old 6’1’’ 210 pounds and 15% body fat I’m looking to recomp I’m gonna try trenbolone for the first time along with either primobolan or anavar oxandrolone How much Testosterone should I be using in the cycle if I want to accomplish my goal?
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    How to lower HR on cycle

    I am on cycle and when I trained especially my heart rate zooms up usually my resting heart rate is around eighty and now it's over 90 also when I work out my heart rate goes over 160. I'm kind of worried about it I'm using testosterone, primobolan and dianabol together. 400mgs, 500mgs and...
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    Lean muscle mass

    I'm looking to get lean muscle mass on this current cycle below Don’t want any water weight! I’m tall and lean. 11% body fat at most. 6’2’’ and 170 pounds I was thinking of doing a simple primobolan and testosterone cycle 500mgs primo 500mgs test 1mg adex Should i add anavar or no?
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    PSL is a good source

    I'm not one to Heap praise on anyone ever. I am usually the one giving 1 star reviews on yelp and google but rarely 5 stars However in this case PSL gets a full 5 stars from me I even had my products tested and they all came out as legitimate. Anavar, primobolan and trenbolone all are what...
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    Which steroids to add to my cruise?

    call it a cruise or call it testosterone replacement therapy whatever. I am doing 200mgs a week of test Cypionate now I want to add something to it. 26 years old and I am 6ft 2in weigh 220 lb of mass. 18% body fat I'm looking at adding in primobolan, equipoise or anavar oxandrolone which...
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    steroids too low?

    Do you think my steroid cycle is too low? I posted it on another forum and they said it was I got 200mgs testosterone cypionate 250mgs primobolan 20mgs dianabol per day I’m 5’5’’ 167 pounds and 15% body fat should I increase the dosages or am I good?
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    How much primo with test?

    I wanted to follow the Arnold Schwarzenegger primobolan cycle and do 100 mg per day of the Primo. My question is how much testosterone should you do with it. I wasn't sure what would be a good dose for someone who was doing their 2nd cycle I'm currently 5 ft 7 in 160 lb and 14% body fat
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    Blobs of white stuff on steroids

    I'm a bit concerned when I urinate there are blobs of white stuff that are coming out. It hurts to pee and then it comes out. I noticed this started happening on cycle I am doing 500mgs of testosterone cypionate and 500mgs of primobolan this cycle Its been roughly 9 weeks on. I’m mid 30’s and...
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    Sex drop panic time?

    I’m using primobolan 500mgs a week along with testosterone which i am using at between 200-300mgs a week My sex drive has Plummeted on this cycle. I blame the primo cause it never drops on test for me in the past is there any advice on how I can reverse this without having to stop everything...
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    Trenbolone vs. primobolan ?

    what are the pros and cons between using Trenbolone and primobolan? Can you run a lot of primobolan and equal the amount of results you can get with tren? let's say you did 1000 mg of each one on separate cycles for 10 weeks which one would give you the best gains
  20. L

    Should i change my diet on steroids?

    Female 5’7’’ 145 pounds 21% body fat I’m gonna be using steroids for the first time 10mgs of anavar/oxandrolone with 25mgs of oral primobolan should I change up my diet when I use steroids or keep things the same?
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