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    Choosing best geneza pharma option

    If you had to choose between equipoise and primobolan which one would you choose from geneza pharma? I’m 28 years old and this will be my 3rd cycle i am doing. I’ve never run either and money isn’t an option for me just want something that can help me put on good clean muscle mass
  2. A

    Female primo and anavar

    Please help me design my next cycle. I’m gonna be using primobolan and anavar oxandrolone I’ve got 100mgs a week primo ready to go Gonna add in anavar but not sure what kind of dose I should do. My boyfriend says to use 20mgs a day and he says i will be fine. I’m 128 pounds and 5’2’’
  3. E

    Oral primo cycle?

    I am a male who's looking to use oral primobolan and oral andriol But i hear both of these are very weak for men and should only be used by females the thing is I am pretty skinny I only weigh 145 lb. Can i use 100mgs of oral primobolan and get results? If yes how much andriol do you...
  4. D


    can’t complain about anything they got me my pack is within about eight days which is super fast compare to other sources that I've used. They are very professional. very high quality source Communication & Ordering process was smooth very clear with their instructions on how to pay Delivery &...
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    How to add clean muscle steroids

    What are the best steroids out there where I can add good clean muscle mass gainz. a friend of mine suggested the below stack for me. Is he right? 1000mgs primobolan 1000mgs masteron enanthate He said to mix them in the same syringe and inject twice a week. I’m 5’9’’ 183 pounds and 17% body...
  6. K

    No orals, just injectable cycle

    I've never ran injectable steroids before, only done orals and have 10 years experience with them now I want to switch and just do injectables for the next few Cycles to see the comparison of how I like them. My question is can you just do injectables together without kickstarting if you...
  7. S

    nice clean cycle options

    I'm 43 years old 5 ft 8 in 185 lb my body fat is around 16% I'm going to drop my body fat a little bit before I start my cycle so don't worry I do not want to put on any bad weight and I also don't want side effects on this cycle I was thinking about doing either equipoise or primobolan . any...
  8. L

    Wow Geneza pharma

    All i have to say is wow, geneza pharma is a great brand I’m currently doing 500mg a week of primobolan and a light dose of test with it I can see the cuts in the mirror and my muscles are getting very tight and I'm trimming up very quickly. got to give them a lot of credit this is great gear.
  9. D

    steroids that cause growth

    I’m looking to run a steroid cycle to force growth on my bodybuilder I’m also looking to use hgh with it I’m 25 years old 6’1’’ 174 pounds looking at doing hgh 5 ius per day testosterone 800mg/week primobolan 1000mg/week what kind of gains can I get on this type of stack
  10. M

    next cycle options

    my last cycle I did primobolan, testosterone, and anavar this time I'm interested in possibly using deca-durabolin and equipoise what are the best steroids I can use with them to get my cycle going good? My plan was; 250mg deca 200 mg test 500mg eq What do you think? 210...
  11. S

    Easier for females to get hurt on steroids?

    I have been running steroids along with my boyfriend he is running a pretty hefty stack and I am using a simple anavar and primobolan cycle I am doing 10mg a day of anavar and 75mg per week of primobolan my results have been very good and I'm gaining a lot of strength however I'm also...
  12. D

    Trenbolone and primo cycle

    I have a plan to do daily injections of Trenbolone and primobolan my plan is to do 50 mg a day of the Trenbolone and I'm going to be using the acetate Ester. And then I'm going to pin 100 mg a day of the primobolan in the same syringe. Do you think this is a good plan I want kind of...
  13. C

    Looking for the best cycle to keep gains

    I'm looking for the best steroid cycle that ensures that i keep most of my gains I'm looking for slow and steady and not even worried about how much I put on I'm currently 185 lb and 9.5% body fat the steroids that I'm interested in using because I think they can help me keep most of my...
  14. A

    Age and doing large Cycles

    I'm currently 41 years old and over the past 10 years I have you steroids pretty regularly. There was a stretch where I use them for about two straight years I've done a lot of different ones and I would say that the only ones I haven't done our Primobolan and anavar. I've done everything...
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    Female Primo cycle

    I am a female and I'm excited to try Primobolan for the first time I'm 5 ft 5 in and I weigh around 140 lbs my goal is to drop body fat and also build some strength I am currently benching 90 pounds and my body fat is 24% where can I buy the real stuff and what dosage should I use
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    Adding a little Primo to my cycle

    what do you think about adding some primobolan to my cycle below? I’m currently planning on using equipoise at 500 mg a week and testosterone cypionate at 250 mg a week would adding some primobolan to the stack help burn more fat? Or am i better off using anavar oxandrolone? I am 18%...
  17. K

    Primo for females?

    I was talking to another chick at the gym who competes and she says that she absolutely loves to use primobolan she says she runs about 100 mg a week ahead of her shows and she says that she doesn't have to stop at ahead of it and she feels great on it. I'm looking for more opinions and which...
  18. JimAbs43 Episode 441 Stacking Primobolan with Trenbolone and Steroid confidence. Episode 441 Stacking Primobolan with Trenbolone and Steroid confidence.
  19. G

    Geneza pharma trenbolone and testosterone?

    I'm looking to run testosterone and Trenbolone together Has anyone tried geneza pharma GP brand? I heard they are very good when it comes to primobolan and other hard to get steroids. But I don't see any reviews on their testosterone and Trenbolone running them together. I saw they had a...
  20. N

    Female primobolan stack

    I'm a female who is new to the steroid world but not new to working out I'm currently 5 foot 2 and I weigh a 135 lb my next cycle I want to include primobolan I have a lot of good information on it and the research on it. How much dosing should I be running of the stuff and how long is it...
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