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  1. FitnessSage

    Think about bread!

    Hey guys! This is just a short article that I wrote - everyone looks for a perfect diet and most people, even if they limit carbs, still eat - what? - bread. And about bread... A tiny quiz I won’t keep you busy… Just ask yourself those two short questions! Where do you buy your bread? a)local...
  2. K

    Need your Knowledge please

    forum sucks
  3. Lou Super Man 123

    After that much... What would you do different now?

    As you may guess I ask this mostly in terms of Anabolic Steroids cycles but let's include Nutrition and Workouts. What has been your biggest mistake and what would you do different if you could? I will start... I haven't do any cycle because I cannot afford NTBM ancillaries so I cannot speak...
  4. B

    Health Reaction With The Consumption of At Large Nutrition Products:Opticen & Results

    Hi all, I want to ask if any of you have ever encountered a serious issue after using ALN's Results & Opticen? I was recently admitted into the hospital for 6 days at the beginning of last month due to rhabdomyolysis. I had a staggering level of CPK in my blood, which goes up to 99403 when a...
  5. M

    Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements

    Hi Guys! Don't you know somebody who would like to get manufactured his/her own dietary supplement?
  6. H

    Helping wife with CKD - any and all assistance appreciated...

    I am helping my wife, who is 2 months post the birth of our second (and final) child, lose weight and improve her fitness level. We have had success in the past with a cyclical ketogenic diet, which is why I designed the attached nutrition plan and supplementation regimen. I took sever...
  7. U

    1st cycle nutrition overlook

    Sup brahs, This is my first post, so please go easy on me :) I'm 4 weeks into my first cycle, it looks like this; week 1-10 500mg sustanon 250 (shot Mon and Fri) week 13-16 nolva (20mg ED) I have Clomid and Arimadex on hand, unfortunately, living in Australia, there are STRICT new laws...
  8. B

    Need some expert advice :)

    Hi there! I wanted to get some expertise and help please :) I am a 30 year old female, avid runner, 5'7", 140lbs - I am "skinny fat" - I am not exactly sure of my body fat % but I believe it to be in the mid 20's - my goal is to reduce it by 10% to start. I have recently started weight lifting...
  9. J

    Question on nutrition during cycle

    nvm nvm
  10. J

    Review my diet

    ok so i'm trying to make some clean gains (without adding much fat). STATS: Height- 174cm Weight- 80kg Age- 21 Training- 6 years Diet- 2 years solid. Ok so here's my diet. Would you tweak or change anything? My current calories are around 3,500 with a macro split of 40:40:20... I'm eating...
  11. B

    Need help with diet for fat loss

    Hi there, I am very new here and was hoping to get some advice for fat loss. I am 5ft 2inches 57.5kg body fat% - not sure but I'm guessing around 23% I weight train 4 sometimes 5x a week and do cardio 4x a week. I'm a full time student and a mother of 3 so my days are pretty busy. I am...
  12. B

    Calorie intake??????

    Hi guys im wondering how its possible to eat 3500+ calories a day eating only HEALTHY FOODS... seems to me healthy foods have such low calories in everything.. U would have to constantly eat... I work a labour job 8 hours a day/ 45 minute lunch and go to gym later in day.. leaving almost no time...
  13. Peprika

    Egg Love

    hey guys i thought this was interesting... The Health Benefits of Raw Eggs - it's an article about how raw eggs are better for you! does anyone disagree? does anyone here eat their eggs raw? i'm thinking about giving it a shot. :)
  14. B

    Seeking an advanced trainer/nutrionist/coach - transformational

    I read these boards and don't often post but I am seeking a resource and I thought the collective here may have some good insight/recommendations. I travel a lot for work. I am trying to find a certified person to assist in some personal coaching of me around diet, workout, supplements...

    Bod pod and diet

    First post here. I have really enjoyed reading alot the last couple of days. I had been struggling with minor weight gain and hearing my wife say you don't eat enough. But aren't we always being told its a simple calculation calories in calories out???? Here are my bod pod states Age 32 Body...
  16. Discreet User

    Craving Sweets/Carbs Before Bed

    I'm on my first cycle: Test Cypionate only. Eating 4,500 calories per day trying to gain. Eat 3,500 per day off-cycle. Added most of my calories through poultry. I start my day off with complex carbs and try not to eat carbs within 3 hours of bedtime. I'm craving sugar and carbs such...
  17. N

    Super Foods for Muscle

    All throughout magazines, TV ads, and even on the internet; when logging in to your favorite forum or email, you can see advertisements for “Get Ripped Fast” or “Muscle Milk” or a new protein powder. The truth is today’s society is beginning to program individuals with a “fast food mentality”...
  18. Andalite

    Awesome opportunity to get some information on Strength Training

    Firstly, I hope none of the moderators have a problem with me posting these links out here. This is NOT intended to be SPAM and I sincerely hope I am not breaking any of the forum rules. This is just something I came across since I am a subscriber and I figured it would worth spreading the word...
  19. M

    Looking for a nutrionist build Diet Plan For my Goals--Help

    decided to seek out someone with some professional knowledge in this area, I have a bit of know but no where near a person with great experience has, instead of me bumping around trying to figure it out, i'll seek someone. Im looking for someone to develop a diet plan tailored to me. I'm 30...
  20. ironwings

    Sane weight loss

    Hey ladies of EF! I wanted to share my latest project with you. As many of you know I provide resources to women to empower the way we lose weight and view our body. I just launched barenakd (with onebreath as a contributor) as a vehicle to share my resources with women around the world. I...
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