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Are energy drinks supplements good or bad


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I was out front of my gym in I ran into somebody's I haven't seen since College and we had some discussions about nutrition since one of them is in really good shape. He was telling me how he cut out all energy drinks and how after he did that his results got much better. I drink two to three energy drinks a day oh, so you think if I cut them out too I can improve and why is this?
I like energy drinks no sugar
but with sugar they will give you diabetes
these days I prefer cardazol its stronger than any energy drink
messing with stimulants, uppers, downers might seem like a good idea to get you through the day or help you sleep etc. but in the end you are actually throwing off a lot of things in your body and messing around with your heart health in the process.

think about WHY you need an energy drink to get through the day. in most situations you are simply just addicted to them and/or you aren't getting proper sleep
I am not a fan of them but 2-3 per day is not good either way. Too much man. If it was one here and there no issue. There are lots of garbage ingredients in there.
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