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First cycle advice please :)


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Hi, about to start my first cycle soon (technically second but first was cut short after 6 weeks due to shoulder injury) and was just wanting some advice...negative and positive all welcome.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 182 lbs 9%BF
Lifting for 2 years (although still learning and reading up daily)
Measurements: calf 15 inches, thighs 22.5 inches, waist 32 inches, chest 41.5 inches, arms 15.5 inches, neck 16 inches
Aim: Add weight and size on whilst not adding to much fat (lean gains if possible)

Week 1-2 300mg Test Cyp (injected once a week)
Wekk 1-2 200mg masteron eth (injected once a week with the test)
Week 3-14 450mg test cyp (injected once a week)
Week 3-14 300mg masteron eth (injected once a week with the test)
last 5-6 weeks- stanozolol at 50mg oral every other day

Week 16-20 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Will take daily-multi vitamins, milk thistle, green tea extracts and krill oil

Diet will be (see far down for more detail/breakdown): 3250 cals, 346 carbs, 66g fats, 302g protein.

Additional information (mind it will be lengthy) which i would appreciate advice on also (if you have time)...this is nutrition and work outs to go along with the cycle.

Currently maintaining weight/adding a lb-2lb a month eating 2450 231g carbs, 274g protein, 39g fats. Making very slow gains but this is my aim as not wanting to put much fat on at current. Doing IF with eating window of 6 hours to 18 hours fasting. Train mornings usually in fasted state.

Routine will be when I start the cycle
Each day will finish session with a 30 minute slow max incline walk looking to burn 300 calories

WEEK 1-5
Monday- Legs and abs
Tuesday-chest and triceps
Wednesday- back and biceps and abs
Thursday- shoulders
Friday- Legs and abs
Saturday- chest and triceps
Sunday off

Weeks 5-10
Monday- Legs and abs
Tuesday-Back and biceps
Wednesday- chest and triceps and abs
Thursday Shoulders
Friday- legs and abs
Saturday- back and biceps
Sunday- rest

Monday- Legs and abs
Tuesday-Back and biceps
Wednesday- shoulders and abs
Thursday-chest and triceps
Friday- legs and abs
Saturday- shoulders
Sunday- rest

Plan to train in mornings but not in fasted state, considering even dropping the IF for the full 14 weeks. Full Nutrition break down will be roughly the following on 90% of the days....(with no alcohol the full duration and mixing the chicken with other meat sources)...all food weighed pre cooked

5am- banana with 50g peanut butter
530-7 gym
8am- oats 140g with 60g protein powder, 100g frozen summer fruits, 250g frozen rhubarb
Midday- 100g brown rice with 200g broccoli and tin of tuna.
3pm 90g bulgur wheat with 200g egg whites and one full egg
5pm- chicken breast, 200g broccoli, 200g spinach and 200g cauliflower, 300g sweet potato
7pm- chicken breast, 200g broccoli, 200g cauliflower
snack before bed- 300g cottage cheese with 30g protein powder

Routine Breakdown
leg press (5 sets of 15,12,10,8,6)
3 super sets of seated leg curls with leg extensions (3 sets of 15 each)
squats (5 sets 15,12,10,8,6)
seated calf raised 3 sets 15
3 supersets of standing calf raised (reps 15) super sets with kettle bell squats sets of 8

chest and triceps-all are 4 sets of reps between 8-12 and 4 sets
flat bench press
incline bench press
decline bench press
super set incline flies with reverse grip dumbbell bench press
ez bar skull crushers
close grip bench press superset with dips (weighted)
tricep extensions

back and biceps-all are 4 sets between 8-12
Pull ups
lat pull downs
one arm bent over dumbbell rows
superset deadlifts with barbell rows
standing dumbbell curls
seated hammer curls
preacher curls
concentration curls

shoulders-all are 4 sets between 8-12
Standing barbell shoulder press
superset front dumbbell raises with side dumbbell lateral raises
Reverse dumbbell flys
seated barbell press
superset dumbbell shrugs with upright barbell row

4 super sets
Crunches (weighted), side plank (one side-left), bicycles (weighted, side plank (one side-right)

Thanks for reading hope this made your day go a little ayd at work flew over doing this :)
Keep doses on cyp and mast same throughout450 and 300... 300mg pretty low dose for mast imo

Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to read the walls of text lol.

So 14 weeks of 450 test and 14 weeks 300 masteron? What do you feel would be the ideal amount of mast?
Run the Masteron higher at 500mg per week for the best result. Run a good AI on cycle. Liquidex from N2BM or aromasin are good options.

PCT needs a lot of work. SERMS only in a PCT will not help you recover. They have a temporary effect, and your test levels will crash as soon as you come off of them. They are good to have in PCT, but you need much more to raise test naturally and control estrogen rebound.

Optimal PCT for best recovery:

Liquid Clomid 50/50/25/25 (AncillaryGuys // - The #1 online Natural Ancillary retailer!)
Liquid Aromasin (AncillaryGuys // - The #1 online Natural Ancillary retailer!)
Test Stack 17 or PHYTOSERMS (see link below for info and discounts)
Ostarine 25mg per day (SARMS1.COM - The best Selective androgen receptor modulators)
I don't think 300mg of Test is going to do much for you. The same goes for the dosage of Masteron you propose running. I would run the Test between 400-600mg per week, and the Masteron 500-600 per week. I would suggest splitting up your injections throughout the week as well.
There is not damn reason to up the Test at all! This is is 2nd cycle (technically) so I give this guy a thumbs up for keeping the doses low.

Everything looks pretty good except for the mast should be @ 600 and your pct if you follow's rick's advice then you should have a fun ride. Good luck.
200 mg of mast is just throwing it away... even 300 is... you need to fix those... your pct is horrible... you would benefit so much from adding sarms to this cycle... s4 and masteron together do some incredible things for your physique... s4 enhances masteron's capabilities with its own... adding gw will allow you to maximize your cycle and enhance every performance enhancer you are taking... i will lay out the entire cycle for you...

1-12 test cyp 350 mg week
1-12 mast e 750 mg week
1-14 aromasin 12.5 mg eod
1-14 gw-501516 20 mg day SARMS1.COM - The best Selective androgen receptor modulators
1-12 s4 50 mg day SARMS1.COM - The best Selective androgen receptor modulators
1-12 10 mg day SARMS1.COM - The best Selective androgen receptor modulators
5-12 hcgenerate Bodybuilding, Need to Build Muscle, Muscle Bodybuilding
13-14 hcg 1000 ius week
9-14 winstrol 50 mg day
9-14 n2guard Bodybuilding, Need to Build Muscle, Muscle Bodybuilding

pct 15-18

clomid 50/50/25/25

nolva 40/20/20/20

aromasin 12.5 mg eod

ostarine 25 mg day SARMS1.COM - The best Selective androgen receptor modulators

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