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  1. N

    my muscles need more size

    so I’ve been training for the past five years and I’m having a hard time putting on muscle mass. I’m following pretty much a full body routine in more high intensity type of training with high repetitions. I’m wondering if maybe my body’s not reacting to this strategy and it’s time for me to try...
  2. M

    help with crippling pumps

    I’m on test and dbol and the pumps are absurdly bad had no idea this would happen so did some research and found out it’s quite common because blood is rushing to the muscle my calves feel like they’re gonna explode when I do post-workout cardio I have to get on the ground and cry it hurts so...
  3. X

    which would you rather have? Vin Diesel or Kevin Hart physique?

    Just want to have a fun little Thread about whose physique would you rather have one leg Kevin Hart which is pretty average compared to most people but still in really good shape and pretty ripped or would you have the more Vin Diesel look of being bald and tough looking like a biker with huge...
  4. N

    Advice for training my weaker muscles

    I have a bunch of weak muscles but it’s mostly my chest to be honest with you I’m pretty pleased with my arms and shoulders and my back is better than most as well as my legs but I continue to struggle with a skinny chest I’m doing a workout that is 2-4 sets of flat bench, incline bench...
  5. Q

    longest steroid cycle for females?

    What is going to be the longest steroid cycle that you recommend for females? I’m going to start on something after the new year and I want to really commit to my weight training and be motivated to push myself my main goals are fat loss and muscle gains but I want to keep a feminine physique...
  6. L

    female steroids for newbies

    I’m very new to steroid use as a female and I don’t want to do anything to screw up please help me I am 5 foot 6 inches 140 pounds and muscular and athletic I spent three years in the Navy and I worked out pretty much every chance I got and swim as well I’m looking to get more fit and more...
  7. S

    NOW amino complete

    Anyone ever hear of this product and if so how would you use it? It has a protein blend with 21 different aminos and it has also vitamins that are included in the ingredients. it's got 120 capsules per bottle and it's a free-form type of amino acid basically I'm looking for something that I can...
  8. L

    intra workout supplementation

    what are some of the best intra workout supplements that you can use to help feed your muscles during your training I'm curious to try this out to see how it works for me
  9. J

    How big can i get as a female safely?

    I would like to get some more muscles on my frame. I guess growing up with four older brothers made me a little bit of a tomboy but that it how it goes I have always tried to keep up with the boys over the course of my life now that I'm in my late twenties I was interested in trying steroids...
  10. Y

    Increasing protein via supplements

    I'm having some trouble putting on size in the gym I’m 22 years old College student in my 3rd year we have a pretty good gym where I go to school so I'm trying to learn the best way to lift. Can you tell me a supplement that I can take to increase my protein synthesis. I feel like when I...
  11. K

    Joint support and tight muscles

    I feel like I have really tight muscles which are making my Joint and Spine hurt like the muscles around my spine are very tight and when my girlfriend touches my spine it feels good like a massage same goes for my legs I feel like my hamstrings are so tight that it makes my butt and knee hurt...
  12. L

    What to take to harden

    I'm a female I don't feel like I have a lot of fat on my frame but it feels like my muscles are very loose in jiggly how do I tighten up my muscles and make them hard. How do I prevent my muscles from turning into fat and getting loose again what is the secret with females that I see in the gym...
  13. N

    BCAA’s pills to take

    I am working out Everyday and I need something to help me during my workouts to recover because I'm sore and the muscles and I'm working out don't feel repaired in time time. do you think taking BCAAs is the best solution for this and how many do I take
  14. S

    circuit training and splits

    does anyone mix up split routines and circuit training? I want to try doing the circuit 3x per week and then split routines 2 times a week. Would I be over training by doing this since I would theoretically be hitting the same muscles 3x per week in some cases? Or should I change this up
  15. S

    PM running and supplements

    well they say you should always take supplements after a workout. But let’s say I do a run in the evening after dark and then come home. I have literally zero appetite so it allows me to skip a meal, should I be taking a supplement though to feed my body/muscles afterwards or can I shower then...
  16. A

    Weight training for track athletes

    so I am a college track athlete who does it for fun, I am in no way fast like some of these other crazy athletes that I see. But I go to a small college and I made the track team and just want to improve myself. What kind of weight training do you recommend I do oh, I went to Nationals last year...
  17. Y

    best way to build up biceps

    I am banging this chick and she kept grabbing my biceps and touching them, it made me feel good that she liked my muscles that much. How do you guys train your biceps to make them as big as possible so I can impress her next time we hook up. Seems that chicks really dig big biceps and I need a...
  18. E

    Cara hinchada - URGENTE

    Hola, Me metí a un ciclo que dura 10 semanas. Actualmente voy completando 5 semanas usando un ciclo de lo siguiente: - Winstrol (3 por día pastillas) - Testo - Propionato (tres veces por semanas: lunes, miercoles y viernes) - Cyntomel (uno al mediodía) - Arimidex (antes de dormir) - Silimarina...
  19. tryna get hench

    Test prop or Test E for first cycle?

    What are your guys opinions. Thinking test prop due to the much shorter half life easier to control. But test e is less painfull from what ive heard. Pain is not an issue for me but depends if the pain will effect performance at the gym that will really piss me off. What do you think guys...
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