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  1. M

    Female Ostarine & Clen stack

    5’5” 170 lbs 31yo female. Been lifting heavy for about 3 years now and I really wanna cut since I’ve never seriously done one. I did a 6 week cycle of what I thought was var. around 10mgs a day. Honestly my diet was shit and I really only lifted weights- no cardio. Gained 10lbs def gained some...
  2. J

    Cycle length requirements for primobolan

    Never used primo before, but always been curious to try it It isn’t cheap, but i have some money saved up What is your Opinion of using primobolan when it comes to length of cycle I've heard anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 weeks. and I've heard some people say you have to run it at least 14 weeks...
  3. F

    N2guard back in stock?

    hey I was wondering if n2guard was back in stock and where can i buy it? I'm looking to start up my next steroid cycle and I really need something to use to get some good results on my frame and that will help me with support on cycle and then when i come off my blood pressure is currently...
  4. Y

    Equipoise cycle run

    Okay so i ran a test only cycle for my first time Gained like 15 pounds, kept like 8 or 9 out of that. I’m now 174 pounds and 5’6’’ with 9-11% body fat Now it is time for some EQ baby How much equipoise would work best for me? My goals are more lean muscle mass. I don’t want to bloat up again...
  5. T

    Cycle Review - Its been a while...

    37 yrs old, 100kg, approx 12% BF Cycled many times before but nothing but TRT (250mg) for the last 18+ months As we mature we learn we dont need high doses of gear or gear that has harsh side affects. I want to improve all aspects of life and health, not sacrifice health for temporary gains...
  6. I

    Cheap sarms cycle

    I'm looking to do a cheaper sarm cycle than the ones that are recommended on here so please don't suggest anything that will cost me more than $250 My goals are simple I want lean muscle mass if that takes using once or more to that is fine I'm 6ft 3in and 275 lb my body fat I don't know but...
  7. Q

    Blast and cruise for a year?

    28 years old 5’10’’ 184 pounds Tired of the roller coaster of cycling, just want to do the B&C for a year My plan was 1.5g of gear for a cycle Then cruising for 12 weeks , then back on for 15 weeks and so on What is a good cruising dosage of testosterone
  8. B

    Stacking tren with winstrol

    I’ve been on trenbolone and winstrol for 4 weeks I started out with 300mgs a week of the tren and added the winstrol 50mgs a day after week 2 I’m experiencing a lot of head hair. My question is will the issue solve itself or should i stop the cycle? I don’t want to lose anymore hair
  9. J

    Test cycle layout

    Here is my testosterone cycle layout. Let me know what you would change. Goals are strength and lean body mass Testosterone cypionate 300 Masteron enanthate 400 Primobolan 500 12 weeks 6’1’’ 216 pounds 16% body fat, 26 yrs old
  10. K

    Bigger cycle stack plan

    I’m gonna do a bigger stack this time I’m 42 years old Never ran anything this big 5’11’’ 194 pounds Equipoise and testosterone cypionate 500mgs each Anavar and turinabol 50mgs each Looking to go about 12 weeks total and 6 weeks on the orals. should I run the orals together or separate them
  11. V

    How much equipoise?

    A lot of different opinions out there on equipoise wondering what your strategy will be for someone like me who is looking to stay active and run something that won't give me a lot of side effects I've heard those images from 250 mg up to 1,200 mg of EQ What say you? I’m 32 years old, and 175...
  12. S

    Sarms for $200

    What is the best way to get a cycle and post cycle of sarm's going for less than $200? I’m right now 5’8’’ and 165 pounds 24 years old and like 20% body fat or so A year ago i was 140 pounds, i have bulked up a lot I guess i bulked up too much too fast cause i want to cut back down
  13. F

    Napsgear review coming

    I am definitely past due to give you my review of the cycle I did with testosterone and Trenbolone I was able to shed fat like crazy on the cycle. my results were amazing and I literally dropped about twenty pounds while maintaining my lean muscle mass. I was super vascular on this stack...
  14. C

    First cycle at 35

    I am a late bloomer at this and I didn't start working out till I was over thirty years old I fallen in love with it and I want to take things to the next level. Right now i am 5’9’’ and 210 pounds. Body fat is 15% this is going to be my first cycle I've got the basics down. Going to be...
  15. P

    2nd cycle

    I did a cycle in the past. 12 weeks of test cyp and dbol. Now I am in the military and looking to start a new cycle. I have 2 vials of test cyp and 150/50mg oral winstrol, and HCG. I am not very knowledgeable on using steroids safely because last time I was sort of guided by my old lifting buddy...
  16. E

    Rules to stay on

    I've done to steroid cycles and it's hard to keep my gains after. I want to just stay on year round Example i was 5’10’’ and 166 pounds my first cycle. Gained 15 pounds but kept only 5. 2nd cycle gained 12 pounds and kept 6. what are the ground rules to staying on year round and do you...
  17. J

    Supps after PCT?

    would it be a good idea to run some supplements after my post cycle therapy is over? I did a 12-week cycle and then a four-week post Cycle Therapy Now i am 2 weeks after which supplements should I be running to help me maintain my motivation and gains
  18. JimAbs43 481 Perfect Abdominals, rest between sets and Recomposition cycle ideas. 481 Perfect Abdominals, rest between sets and Recomposition cycle ideas.
  19. E

    New cycle advice, detailed history

    46 years old, 110 kg, about 18% bf. Ultimate goal is to walk around fairly shredded at about 90kg. Current goal is to slowly get back under 100 while getting stronger and healing a bit. I am both hypothyroidal and hypogonadal. Been on treatment for both for 20+ years. Most likely had low...
  20. P

    next cycle for me

    I'm 6 ft tall and 180 lb over the past year I went from 225 down to where I'm at right now. In the process it seems like I've lost Muscle mass and I definitely lost a lot of strength I'm happy the way I look but I would like to put my size and strength back on but I don't want to put on fat in...
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