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    Primo vs. Tren Cycles?

    I'm pretty torn between two cycles so I'm asking what you guys would choose between these two based purely on results (side-effects won't have an effect on my decision. My goal is to lean myself out. This will be my 4th cycle after 3 years clean. And, yes, I have used tren before. Cycle 1...
  2. D

    Cycle advice needed. Cycle 1 or Cycle 2 ?

    Hi everyone. I would appreciate some input from some experienced users on which cycle would give me better results. I am looking to do a lean bulk. Some stats on me: Age:25 height: 6'1 weight: 215 bf: 9% Training split: Monday: Bi's + Tri's Tuesday: Shoulders+ Traps Wednesday: Legs Thursday...
  3. G

    really need help emergency.

    hey guys, i have a cracked rib injury from last week, and I'm into my 2nd week and did my 4th injection today and worked out at the gym. However, i know i can't lift heavy and working out can fuck up my rib more and prolong me from actually going to the gym. I was thinking of taking the next 5...
  4. S

    My S-4 Cycle Log!

    This is actually day 2 of my cycle, but i thought id help out the community and start a log since there doesn't seem to be many newer logs out there for SARMS. Right now I am taking S-4 75mg a day (3 doses) Fish oils/cod liver oil (dosing 2x a day at mealtime) Valerian root at night for sleep...
  5. W

    First cycle- Helladrol

    Hey guys, I've been a guest in the Elite forums for awhile, finally made an account today. Wanted some advice on my first cycle. I'm 21, and I realize it's young to be getting into anabolics but a group of my friends/lifting partners (same age) just ran test e/anavar and blew up, so I'm...
  6. R

    Test E and Deca cycle

    Hey guys just need some advice, this is my second cycle. My first cycle was a test p cycle. 100 eod. Had great results. So here's my layout for my second cycle. Weeks 1-10 Test e 500 mg a week Deca 250 mg a week I need help on an AI what should I use and how much? Pct Weeks 12-15 AI? Clomid...
  7. F

    Cycle before or after cut?

    Hi, I have read a lot of different opinions on this subject so thought id ask for peoples experiences on here. Is it best to cut first and then get on a cycle to gain? or is it best to bulk up with a cycle and then cut?
  8. R

    Test 402 and Tren-E 200 Cycle Help

    Hello everyone, first post ever so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I need your expert opinion on how to add Tren-E (200mg/ml) to my current Test 402 (Im trying to remember off my head, bottles not in front of me: 134mg/ml Test Propionate , 134mg/ml Test Enanthate, 134mg/ml Test...
  9. D

    21 yo- possible future cycle ideas?

    Hi, guys. Don't jump on me just yet. Just feeling things out. I've been training steadily for 3 years now, gained 15 kilos in that time. I've had two cycles suggested to me by my personal trainer, a fitness model. First cycle: 1 ml - 300 mg Primobolan 1 ml - 500 mg Sustanon 250 1/2 ml - 200...
  10. D

    21 yo bulking - jaw surgery

    Hi, guys. I am going to undergo orthognathic surgery in about 5 months' time. My lower jaw is being advanced to fix my underbite. I have been training steadily since November 2011 and have increased my weight from 50 kilos to 65 kilos. Age: 21 Height: 1,73m Body fat percentage: 8% Training...
  11. S

    Source/cycle too effective?

    Hello brethren, So I'm 11 days into test e, deca and dbol. I'm doing 400/week test, 200/week deca and 30/day dbol, all mgs of course. Have been eating a really clean diet and because of my body type, don't have to gorge to put on muscle so have been eating between 1800-2200 calories, which is...
  12. I

    Cycle Help

    I'm currently in the final stretch of a SARMS run, I have about 3 weeks left. I'm trying to plan out what I want to do next and I wanted to see what everyone else thought. I have never used anything other than SARMS. I'm really interested in trying a PH cycle. I'm thinking of trying Helladrol...
  13. S

    1 week in

    I'm at the conclusion of my first week on a cycle of test e (400-500 mg/week), dbol (40 mg ED), and deca (200 mg/week). Also taking nolva at 20 mg/day along with vitamin b6 and a host of other ancillary supps. On Saturday, my nipples felt like I'd ran a 25 mile marathon but I'd only done a 5k...
  14. O

    First deca cycle and PCT help

    Hey! I'm going to start my first cycle with Testa E and Deca. My stats are: 185 lbs, 6 ft, 4+ yrs lifting, ~10% BF. The cycle I'm going to run is: Test E 500mg/e5d Deca 250mg/e5d HCG 250ui/2 times a week I'm thinking I'll run the Test for 20 weeks and the Deca for 16 weeks. HCG through the...
  15. L

    PCT needed?

    Hey everyone. I got a couple answers to this but I'd just like to make sure and get some more feedback to be on the safe side. I started a cycle but only took one injection of 250 mg of test enenthate. Also I took 60 mg of oral tbol a day for a few days. (Could've been DBol since tbol is so...
  16. J

    TBol help

    Hello fellow bodybuilders, First to give you my stats- I am 6 feet tall, 180 lbs with around 10%BF Bench- 225 lb for 8 reps Squat- 225 lb for 10 reps I am looking to start a Turinabol only cycle in a few days here. I have 100 pills of oral Turinabol (TBOL) 25mg/pill I was thinking of...
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