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  1. V

    Anavar with test Cyp for lean gains

    Just looking for lean gains please I’m doing daily fasted cardio Training 5x per week Anavar 50mgs a day 2 weeks then increasing to 75 and then going to 100mgs on a 2 week stagger Testosterone was my main question. How much to run here for my desired goals? 5’6’’ 172 pounds. 12-13% body fat and...
  2. H

    Trying for perfect body

    5'2 128 lb 28% body fat and going up working out five days a week and I do 2 hours of cardio and weight training. don't have any definition on my frame but I do have muscle mass. I look very thick and I don't like it. would like to try something to help with this Looking at CLA, clenbuterol and...
  3. Z

    Training and getting tremors

    When I am lifting weight I am getting a lot of Tremors and shaking. it's almost like I am going hypoglycemic during my training this usually happens when I am doing a heavy cardio day or sweating a lot is there a supplement that I can take to help me get through my workouts when they start...
  4. JimAbs43 Hardcore 27 - Cardio benefits and strategies, Get lean Hardcore 27 - Cardio benefits and strategies, Get lean
  5. C

    SR9009 for females?

    Haven’t seen a thread yet about sr9009 for females Is this stuff safe for us? I’m 5’5’’ trying to lose weight, 165 pounds. I want to improve my cardio too
  6. A

    What do you think about this diet?

    I want to bulk up and get stronger 8am: 6 eggs 9am: workout 10am: yogurt 12pm: salad and chicken 2pm: protein shake 4pm: cardio 5pm: steak dinner, potatoes
  7. F

    more advanced workout routines

    I’m looking to change up my split routines. Plan on doing these 70-80%RM hard. give me your thoughts on this more advanced workout routine day 1: legs day 2: back and biceps day 3: chest, shoulders and triceps day 4: rest day5: arms day 6: cardio
  8. Q

    is this split okay?

    I’m looking to do a new workout split was doing the push/pull leg split. I want to change it up I want to add in a cardio split and an ab split would do change it to 5 day split that way or incorporate those into the existing splits?
  9. R

    Supplements to take ahead of cardio

    What are going to be the best supplements that I can take before I go in to do cardio my strategy right now is to do about 30 to 45 minutes of cardio then I do about 30 to 45 minutes of weight training afterwards and I need sustained energy
  10. P

    fasted cardio supplements

    I am gonna do fasted cardio my question is what supplements are good to use during that I don’t want to do anything that will disturb my fast but I also want to boost my performance
  11. T

    Would you use SR9009 in this situation?

    I’m 38 years old and do a lot of crossfit. 6’ tall and 185 I have an injury to my calf and the doctor said I need to lay off of it for as long as I need to before it's healed again so I'm not going to be able to do any cardio do you think it would still be a good idea to run sr9009 anyway...
  12. G

    How to use ostarine

    I'm wondering the best way to use ostarine mk2866 for maximum results I went through and saw all the things it can do and i was impressed Now i just need help with dosing and length I train 3x per week and do cardio 2x per week I’m 25 years old And i weigh about 200 pounds at 6’3’’
  13. Y

    Steroid stack for active person

    Looking to try something for active people I do running everyday and a lot of stuff because i am a PE teacher I’m currently doing 500mgs a week of testosterone cypionate Not getting the cardio results i would like I’m in my early 40’s and 189 pounds and 5’10’’
  14. V

    Steroids for endurance and cardio

    I have a good endurance and cardio stack that I put together based on what I've read on this forum Let me know what you think I’m 5’10’’ and 210 pounds. I currently am running a 10 minute mile, I want to get that time lower I’m gonna try equipoise/boldenone 400mgs a week along with hgh 2...
  15. D

    Cardio and steroids

    what is a good steroid cycle that I can use that won't destroy my cardio? my last cycle I ran testosterone it felt like I was running with cement shoes a buddy of mine did Trenbolone and when I ran with him he was out of breath after just a couple miles. So I'm worried that some steroids...
  16. G

    Mixing cardio and steroids female help

    I don't just do weight training like most guys I like to do also a lot of cardio. I’m 5’3’’ 132 pounds I’m now in my 30’s and want to take things to the next level just like most my age I know they are good for weights but when it comes to steroid use how will they affect me when it...
  17. J

    Weekly schedule thoughts

    so here is what I am planning for the next month. I want it kind of do a schedule to keep me honest when I go and work out I was thinking that I would do Monday Wednesday and Friday weight training Tuesday and Thursday cardio then Saturday an alternate weight training and cardio back and forth...
  18. C

    Learning To Train solo

    I'm a very muscular guy but also very stocky. I have been known to go hard in the gym and my workouts are similar to what you would see on TV a offensive lineman in football do. I'm also doing boxing so I'm doing a lot of cardio with it. The problem is I've been training with my college team and...
  19. D

    First steroid cycle female

    I'm 5 ft 6 in tall and I weigh about 125lb I'm looking to do my first cycle Its gonna be: 1 IU hgh 5mg a day anavar oxandrolone I will be lifting 5 times a week and doing cardio twice a week healthy diet do you have any final advice for me
  20. D

    cardarine examples

    I’m doing a lot of cardio right now and its over an hour a day like clockwork I need something to help boost that my goals are also fat loss how much cardarine would work good for me? I weight 280 pounds and am probably 30% body fat do I need to double or triple the dose for my size?
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