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  1. JimAbs43 Hardcore 18 - Dianabol (Dbol) and Anadrol Stacked Hardcore 18 - Dianabol (Dbol) and Anadrol Stacked
  2. S

    High rep steroid stack

    looking to take a steroid stack for someone who does high repetitions I'm looking for that pump and that amazing feeling 26 years old. 6’1’’ 210 pounds First steroid stack Want to go for testosterone + anadrol Would anadrol 25mgs be good enough here?
  3. M

    Personal preference for Anadrol vs dbol

    I'm looking for anecdotal information and maybe personal preference and why. I've done dbol and I'm considering anadrol in my next cycle.
  4. M

    Are steroids gonna make me stronger?

    I have an idea for a layout to get stronger. Let me know what you think I’m 5’6’’ 166 pounds and right now i am benching around 205 pounds I want to get stronger. I am 26 years old My plan is: Deca durabolin 500mgs a week Sustanon 500mgs a week Dianabol or anadrol thoughts?
  5. E

    Mass stack options

    I'm 5 ft 6 in and I weigh 170 lb I would like to put on 20 to 30 lb and get closer 200 I'm 35 years old My plan is: Sustanon 500mgs per week Deca durabolin 400mgs per week Anadrol 50-75mgs per day anything else you would add to this and how long should I run it
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    domestic supply has potent products

    15 pound gain is pretty good i think. I went from 165 pounds up to over 180. at one point i was 183 pounds. 1 week from order to landing. ordering is smooth easy to use site. delivery took 6 days total. products ordered were dbol, test, and anadrol. results are very effective considering I’m...
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    Anyone else grab the 4th of july deal from napsgear?

    I was able to grab a bunch of things during the napsgear 30% off Deal for the 4th of July I got some vials of testosterone, trenbolone and anadrol Gonna be a sick cycle coming up and excited
  8. A

    Balancing cycling and TRT use

    those of you who are on TRT how do you balance using steroids and cycling them and staying on your TRT let's say I was going to do a cycle should I come off my TRT and use the steroids, then pct then go back to TRT or do you just stay on TRT regardless all the way through? I’m 44 years old...
  9. W

    Napsgear will be back for more

    people are saying how much steroids i must be on in jest that is a good sign and means that this stuff is working lol Napsgear will be my go to supplier going forward I’m on their trenbolone and anadrol What a potent stack, up 12 pounds and body fat went down
  10. H

    Tren cycle for me

    Its time for trenbolone! I am ready! I’m 26 years old and have been training for 2 years straight I’m currently 164 pounds and 5’9’’ My cycle will be trenbolone enanthate 650mgs a week, i’m gonna stack in some testosterone and maybe some anadrol 50mgs a day If I choose to add an oral should I do...
  11. Y

    Having breakouts really bad on cycle

    hey guys please help me I'm desperate. My stats are 31 years old and 5’9’’ 145 pounds. I just started dating this hot girl and I'm really self-conscious because I'm getting a lot of breakouts on this cycle which defeats the purpose of even using steroids I'm using testosterone 700 mg a...
  12. A

    Bulking a lot on deca

    Okay so I have been on a Deca durabolin cycle for the past 12 weeks and I put on quite a bit of size. No joke i am up 25 pounds I am doing 400mgs of deca and 500mgs of testosterone along with anadrol 50mgs a day the thing about it is I feel really good but I seem to be losing a lot of sleep...
  13. R

    Dosing oral steroid EOD?

    my friend said that it's okay to do so oral anabolic steroids every other day because they have esters attached and you don’t have to take them daily or before a workout that seems strange to me but I wanted to check in to see if you thought it was correct. I’m 25 years old and want to try oxy...
  14. C

    What happens if a female runs the wrong steroids

    I had a question about what would happen if I was to run what i thought was anavar/oxandrolone 10mg a day but that was really something else like anadrol, dianabol, etc.? just want to make sure before I start my next cycle that I'm aware of what kind of side effects to look for so I know to stop
  15. E

    my first ever cycle!

    I am going to be running my first ever cycle and am really excited my buddy is helping me setup the cycle my question is how would you set this up? My friend said I should use anadrol, testosterone and Anavar. He said that is what he used and gained like 13 pounds I’m 23 years old...
  16. B

    Gaining too much weight cycle

    I've gained 20 lb in the first 10 weeks of my cycle no joke I am 24 years old and I started at 5 ft 6 in and 165 lb now I am up come to 185 lb. the only thing that I'm noticing is my sleep I'm not able to sleep very much. I'm also needing to take naps in the middle of the day I’m...
  17. N


    They come through always this is the fourth time I've used these guys and they always come through for me Communication & Ordering process is good tracking number everything cool Delivery & Packaging was very discreet and no problems getting through customs Products Ordered was dbol, anadrol...
  18. G

    Active military cycle

    I am active in the military and I get randomly drug tested so I have to be careful what I put in my body from what I've gathered they don't test us for steroids so I think I'll be okay trying to cycle this is going to be my first time ever and I want to take something like halotestin and...
  19. J

    Timing orals around my workouts

    I am going to be running anadrol 50mg a day I was wondering how I should change my workouts currently I am doing a split routine 4 day split I work my legs on day 1. Push on day 2, pull on day 3, and abs/cardio on day 4. would this work well on this cycle or should I change things up a...
  20. L

    Check out my bulking cycle

    I'm currently 180 lb and 6 ft 2 in I think that I am going to do a bulking cycle this time I think I can gain about 15 or 20 lb and still look lean Would trenbolone acetate and anadrol be a good one? Tren @ 400mg a week Anadrol @ 25mg a day is this too much when it comes...
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