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Test E and Proviron first cycle advice please.


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Hi guys,

Need some advice. I'm thinking of running Test E at 500mg pw and Proviron 50mg ed for 10 weeks as a first cycle. The first question is, what are your thoughts on this as a first cycle?

Is Proviron enough to counteract gyno etc? Or should I be taking an actual AI as well. If so, what would you recommend and how much?

I was thinking of Clomid (50mg ed) and Nolva (20mg ed) for 30 days as PCT. Is this adequate? I have read that maybe 100mg ed of Clomid would be better? Should I also include Arimidex in the PCT?

I am 25 years old, 5"11, 189 lb and about 19% body fat.

Any help is much appreciated. I eagerly await your responses.

Thank You!
What would you recommend I get it to before I start with the AAS? I have lost about 40 lb and 10% body fat over the last year. It's hard to go on dieting! lol

Thank You.
Proviron will take care of that for you and will free up more test. I like it for a 1st cycle ,simple and effective but try to get below 15% bf by dieting.the clomid is fine at 50mg
it sucks but you should just finish cutting up naturally first.. then bulk naturally first. IF those #'s you posted are accurate you dont have a lot of muscle and will be able to gain a lot of muscle naturally first.

maybe take a week break from the diet and exercise to recoup a bit.

that is a great accomplishment on the weight loss too btw! you are obviously dedicated and making some good changes.

do you lift now? what is your routine?

cut up to around 15% and then see where you are at.
Thank you for the advice guys, much appreciated. I have been lifting light for a while now. But most of my workouts have been cardio based over the last year.

At the moment I am lifting more than cardio. I am lifting 4-5 times a week. I normally go for a jog most mornings as well, though that is not as intense as it used to be.

But you are right, I think I need to work hard for a while, get down to 15% body fat and re-evaluate. I also wanted to ask about the discrepancies in body fat % on various scales. The one I have at home is normally higher than the one at the gym (it showed 14% at the gym today and 18% at home!).

Thank you once again for any advice!
just use the same one over and over and make sure it is getting lower and lower.

if you are transitioning to lifting more and more im sure you will add muscle as you continue this process.

just pick a good program like starting strength or 5x5 and attack it hard. keep the diet in check and do some morning cardio and 15% will be EASY.
well i dont believe in being super lean before using i am about 20% but i am a power lifter and the size helps me. so it just depends on what you want. yes you will see visually more results but the test will help lean you out alot
its not about seeing the results.. its about being healthier before you put that stress on your system.

you will have less sides and be safer if you get to at least 15%

give it some thought and research the amount of people that state the same thing I am.
Hey Guys,

I got to 15% BF on Sunday. I've been doing Bill Starr's 5x5 workout with cardio only on the off days. Feel better than ever and look pretty good too.

I had my first shot of Test on Monday morning. I'm pretty sure I did everything right. Everything went well, there was some blood when taking the needle out but nothing excessive. Is this usual? My arse is still sore though. I'm finding it hard to drive! Is this normal for a first timer?
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