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New to EF, looking for some expertise


New member
Hi Everyone,

I am a 25 year old female, who is 5'3 in height and roughly 196 pounds with a body fat percentage over 40. I originally joined this site to gain some knowledge on clen, var, and cytomel...hoping for some quicker results to help keep me motivated.

After reading a lot of posts, I realized they won't be my solution, but may eventually be an aid. Would anyone be willing to help get me on track with suggested meal plans and weight training. I am all for the notion of becoming a powerhouse and muscle gains.

Thanks in advance.
Hi there, welcome to EF!!

I started off reading this
There are heaps of examples of training routines, plus how to figure out your diet.

What I did was go through the different training routines, depending on your gym and what equipment you have, you will find some more suitable than others..
As for your diet, there is great info on how to calculate your caloric requirements, then use something like fit day to record everything.

There is so much info in those pages, it will give you a platform to start from and the ladies here are a great source so knowledgable and are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Welcome again to EF!!
Welcome :)
Yeah, RachelM is pointing you in the right direction.
You are correct that those aids will not help you lose weight for the long term. I am against these drugs (clen and cytomel) for the reason that the side effects can create life long damage. Women that take them usually study and research them extremely carefully, and use them only after they are in near-perfect shape to begin with. They use them to get in contest shape.
I suggest you start with cutting out refined sugar, junk food, pop and juice, anything with white flour, and fried foods. Drink a lot of water.
Begin an exercise program that works for you. This could be pretty much anything. As long as you end up sweaty and tired it'll work. Try just putting on a pair of running shoes and running for a minute then walking for a minute, then repeat for about half an hour.
There is no such thing as failure, because anything you do to try to change your behaviour is a step in the right direction. Just be consistent (start with 3-4 days a week), disciplined (do it even if you don't want to), and reasonable (nothing drastic- no crash diets, no starving, no all- or nothing attitude.)
Final thought: It is not the days you exercise that will help you become athletic, it is the days you don't miss.
Hey there welcome again! Best of luck to you, as soon as you get your diet down to a t and some sort of routine for training you will be noticing progress before you know it and that's were I get my drive from seeing the progress infront of your eyes y can't beat the feeling. !
Also allot of people recommend taking pics because sometimes you might not see the difference until you look back at say last moths pics.

Once again best of luck


diet comes first. make sure you have a healthy diet and step up the cardio. limit your carbs but make sure you are takin in enough protein
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