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saldat ruskiy

New member
Beginner question
open to.criticism

Have test winny and clomid

What is.proper.cycle to adminsitr orally

Test and.winnt together then pct?
Post stats... its clear you haven't done any research what so ever cause thats not all you would require for a cycle.. and whats your previous training history look like.
My apology I rushed through and didnt post any stats
27 yrs old 190 15% body fat

Training includes weights 3 to 4 times a week, cardio
Tennis, 5k....took a two weeks of due to travel and rest
diet consists of protien, some carbs and a Little more

it ia very diffuclt for me to get thru this weight
I plan on working WIth test and winny to gain msucle
And burn fat WIth appropriate diet and pct
My question is i am not sure of i should be running
The test at same time as winny or start test then add winny?
It sounds like you shouldn't be taking steroids if you don't know the answer to this if anything just do the test and save the winni for another cycle it can be a nasty little drug and you need the proper ancillaries and a good pct
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