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Test/Deca first cycle- proper feedback please


New member
Hi all,

Need to ensure that I have a decent cycle plan


Age: just turned 21
weight: 202lbs
height: 5ft 10
body fat: 15% (3 point skinfold test)
First cycle
Training since 16 yo, competed bodybuilding natural in 2008
calorie intake 3,500
a little bit over 1.5g/lb of protein
6 meals a day
diet is proper and being following proper diet for over 6 months now.

planned cycle
wk 1-8 200mg Test enth
wk 1-8 200mg deca
wk 1-8 .5mg arimidex/day

Wk 9 Clomid 50mg 2x/d
W10-12 Clomid 25mg/d

I have no way of getting HCG and I am unsure about pinning times?

please advise
1st of all at 21 yrs I wouldn't run deca .!!! also test should be run a few weeks past deca..also test should be run higher than deca but DONT RUN THE DECA NOW........if you have your mind made up on running some ass which i began using at 30yrs old .. got with test pin twice a week( wed and sundays) ...
test and deca dose to low to see results...the teat dose ur taking is a trt dose a doc would prescribe...ur test levels now maqy be even higher at ur age

either up the dose or dont cycle

if you run test and deca test run 10 or 12 deca 8 or 10 but give test 2 weeks longer then deca test 500ew will give better results then ur cycle

adex is not taking .5mg ed..if you took adex with 200mg test everyweek ur joints would be drier then 90yr old with arthritis
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