I read these boards and don't often post but I am seeking a resource and I thought the collective here may have some good insight/recommendations.

I travel a lot for work. I am trying to find a certified person to assist in some personal coaching of me around diet, workout, supplements, mental, goals, achievement, etc...customized for me and the final stages of what I am trying to achieve. I have the basics, I read here and many other informational sources and I am looking for more than that. Although I would expect to go through some assessments of my physical stats and food log, I want more that just an inventory and spit out a calculated list of foods and exercise recommendations (which from anyone who reads these boards regularly one would probably already know for the most part - eg Xgram per kg of body weight, etc).

I am seeking someone familiar with working with female clients and who takes a very personal approach in working with all aspects that affect trying to achieve these types of goals (eg its not just about what you lift, how far you run, or what you eat - transformation is also a mental thing). I am seeking someone who combines the scientific knowledge they possess with experience and coaching to truly work people through transformational stages of their body and mind.

Comfort level with alternative supplementation is also required.

I am willing to travel for initial consult, some remote, and regular check-ins in person depending on location. Again I travel a lot so I can often work this in depending on where.

A bit about me - been an athlete most of my life, now in my late 30's, female, in good shape - more on the muscular side than most women. Diverse athletic pursuits from lifting, running, yoga to climbing (Cotopaxi - 18k ft), kayaking and mountain biking. Seeking to push on my fitness levels as well as get further defined physically while exploring how all of this plays a part in my overall efforts to transform me at a new stage in my life.
I believe transformation is equally based in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realm, and only successful if addressed at all levels.

I will check both here and PMs for any suggestions of qualified/recommended people that you may have. I appreciate the feedback and as always the extremely useful information and dialog on these forums. Thanks!